Americans for Moderation - New Super PAC Formed to Help Moderate Candidates in Upcoming Elections

A group of moderate, centrist voters are looking to support a political environment that has been eroding from this country over the past 30 years due to the extremes of each party in our 2 party system driving the platforms for their party extremists.

Washington is broken. The constant partisanship, bickering and refusal to compromise has produced an environment of terrible governing and zero progress on real problems that our country faces today. America need new voices in Washington to help right this wrong and help our country move forward. It is time to introduce a more moderate, centrist approach to governing and an organization to help that approach. Enter Americans for Moderation. 

Americans for Moderation is a group of moderate, centrist voters looking to support a political environment that has been eroding from this country over the past 30 years. This is due to the extremes of the Democratic and Republican parties driving the platforms for their respective party extremists. The end result is the middle has repeatedly been pushed out and usually ends up choosing between the lesser of two evils. Americans for Moderation’s goal is to to appeal to a centrist government and send candidates to govern with the best interests of the majority of the country, regardless of party platform.

“There was a time when words such as ‘Bipartisanship,’ and ‘Compromise,’ weren’t bad words in Washington,” said Michael Miller, President and Treasurer of Americans for Moderation. “The goal isn’t to end the two-party system, that is probably never going to happen. What Americans for Moderation will work to accomplish and what the overall goal is to elect more moderate Democrats and moderate Republicans elected and representing us in Washington. Bottom line, moderate voters and moderate elected officials are the people who get things done.” 

Americans for Moderation will be active in upcoming state and national races where moderate candidates from either party need help getting elected. They will look to establish long-lasting relationships to help build a better environment in Washington so real problems can get solved and we can all help build a better for now and for future generations. The status quo just isn’t cutting it anymore. 

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