Altus Dynamics Deliver Vastly Improved Financial Management, Reporting and Processes At Kenora District Services Board

Multi-Award Winning Microsoft Partner Altus Dynamics announces that Kenora District Services Board has gone live on Altus Dynamics ERP for Finance, improving operational efficiency and slashing processing times.

As Kenora District Services Board expanded they needed a more advanced financial management solution and several other product enhancing features to support their operations. They had three main pain points. First was reporting; with their existing financial software, reports were time consuming to create and the capability to easily update reports was not there. The second was navigation; within their system it was hard to find what you were looking for. It often took several clicks or drill downs to find relevant information and the search capability of the system was not thorough. Lastly, end users did not have access to any information. The Finance team were constantly asked for data and figures, which had to be manually pulled and distributed. This data, as it was a snapshot, became stale very quickly.

Following a selection process, Kenora District Services Board chose Altus Dynamics as the right partner due to the social services IT expertise and specific sector-focused solutions offered. Additionally as they were already using Microsoft Dynamics SL as their accounting software, when they upgraded to another Microsoft Dynamics product, they received a transition credit. Microsoft offers a transition credit to any organization going from a smaller Dynamics product to a larger one. This credit is the full cost of your original Dynamics solution and is discounted from the cost of the new one.

Together with Altus Dynamics ERP for Finance and Jet Reports they are now able to export and refresh data directly in Excel which allows users to set up detailed reports and update them with the click of a button. Now they produce reports for the Board far quicker, better formatted and with much greater accuracy. From a user standpoint, their new accounting system provides the better navigation they were looking for. With a more user-friendly environment they can navigate from one table to another with minimal clicks, through the solution-wide search function. Lastly, with Altus Employee Portals end-users will have the ability to access the information they are looking for without having to ask the Finance department. This will also ensure end-users are seeing the most up-to-date, real-time information with refresh capabilities. 

A major challenge faced by the finance department at Kenora was the Ontario Works processes. Ontario Works has each district services board issue all of the welfare and support program cheques and payments to their entire region independently – this can be thousands of cheques a month, and even hundreds a day at peak times. Altus Dynamics recommended the integrated SimCrest eBank matching tool. They now reconcile these cheques and payments automatically in a matter of minutes. Historically they had to manually match cheques and payments in an Excel spreadsheet – taking days to complete. In addition, the Accounts Payable process has been improved with enhanced Electronic Funds Transfer payments. “Kenora District Services Board could not be happier with this tool and because of the success it has had improving processes, we’ve had several other clients discussing the eBank matching tool with our partner SimCrest.” comments Client Success Director, Diana Budreau.

Since Kenora went live on their Finance solution, the Altus Dynamics team has already began implementation of phase two of this project. During phase two they will install Altus Employee Portals. They will give their employees more control over managing their personal information, certifications, vacation/sick days, etc. alleviating pressure on the HR department.

Kenora District Services Board is joining several other Services Boards already clients of Altus Dynamics, including the District of Nipissing Social Services Admin Board, and Rainy River District Social Services Admin Board.

About Kenora District Services Board

Kenora District Services Board delivers needed social services to all citizens in the District of Kenora, Ontario. With over 100 employees, they provide assistance in Ontario Works, Social Housing, Emergency Medical Services and Early Learning and Child Care Services.

To learn more about Kenora District Services Board please visit their website,

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Altus Dynamics is a Canadian based information technology consulting and services company applying practical innovation through services and solutions that deliver tangible results for non-profit, education and government clients. Services include application development, ERP and CRM implementations utilizing the Microsoft Dynamics platform, including Microsoft Dynamics® NAV and Microsoft Dynamics® CRM as well as Microsoft SharePoint for employee portals.

Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Toronto, ON, Altus Dynamics operates across Canada and the United States. Altus Dynamics is a multi-award winning Gold Certified Partner, and Microsoft Dynamics Industry Solutions Vendor (“ISV”). For more information about Altus Dynamics please visit

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Altus Dynamics is a Canadian based information technology consulting and services company applying practical innovation through services and solutions that deliver tangible results for non-profit, education and government clients.

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