Allied Capital Inc Follows Temasek Holdings Pte

Allied Capital Inc is following closely statements from Temasek Holdings Pte that the Singaporean state investment institution may make bonds available for individual investors.

The island nation of Singapore’s massive state owned investment firm Temasek Holdings Pte has issued an announcement in response to letters published in the Straits Times newspaper that appears to indicate that they may issue bonds to individual investors in the near future, this would be a first for the company. If so they would be joining the ranks of other high profile Singaporean companies that do so including Singapore Airlines Ltd, Frazer 7 Neave Ltd and Genting Singapore Plc.

Founded in 1974, Temasek has been an integral part of the Singaporean states business and investment strategy since that time, returning on average to share holders a 16% per annum gain. The company’s holdings achieved a record value in March last year of $ 169 billion thanks in great part to surging stock values in U.S held companies, helping to offset net losses incurred in its own region.

“2013 was not Singapore’s finest year for a lot of reasons, but these had little to no effect on the performance delivered by Temasek to its investors. While banks and other financial institutions have had access to bonds from this giant for some time, individual investors in Singaporean institutions have has to take a rather more piece meal affair. With its size bonds in Temasek offer a great deal of security along with strong returns and will undoubtedly be popular region wide” opined Asia Desk Analyst for Allied Capital Inc Lilly Chang.

 Temasek has developed an enviable reputation for it bond issues conducted for larger institutions. That $10 billion program of medium term notes has held top ratings from both Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s investor rating services since 2004 without slipping even in periods of large scale economic downturn, both regionally and globally.

 “Access to Temasek bond issues opens up a much broader range of options for investors seeking opportunities in Singapore. Though with most of Temasek’s holdings being comprised of stocks the possibility of volatile performance cannot be discounted, even with its track record. In a well laid out portfolio however this risk is easily mitigated” stated Lilly Chang of Allied Capital Inc.


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