Allied Capital Inc Follows Mercedes Battle With BMW

Allied Capital Inc follows the battle for top Luxury vehicle sales in 2015 with Daimler AG's Mercedes coming out on top.

With all of the attention being paid to the luxury car market in China, from manufacturers, media and investors, it might be easy to forget that the U.S luxury vehicle market is still the world’s largest and subject to some impressive battles to control the largest possible market share. In 2015 this ongoing struggle reached new heights with two of the world’s most recognizable marquees, German Rivals Daimler AG (Mercedes) and Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (BMW) battling to the end for the pinnacle.

Ultimately it was Mercedes who carried the year with strong sales in December, up 17% for the period to 33’007 deliveries giving it the lead over BMW in sales for 2013. These are strong end of year gains were driven strongly by high figures for the German manufacturer’s new entry level CLA Model, a blow that BMW’s 2015 line up had no answer for. Across the gamut of luxury car manufacturers present in U.S dealerships the year was an especially good one for sales with most seeing double digit increases in sales.

To fully realize just how tight the competition for sales in the luxury car niche last year really was you just have to look at the growth in sales experienced by all of the large manufacturers. Mercedes edged ahead of BMW has held for two years, even as BMW broke their own record sales mark set back in 2013” detailed, Alistair Sanders , Automotive Industry Consultant for Allied Capital Inc.

 With China still the fastest growing and seemingly under exploited luxury market in the world, U.S sales growth is still seen as an accurate prediction of sales breakdowns in the P.R.C by European auto makers trading in China. With strong growth in the U.S luxury car market, manufacturers expending billions on expansion plans in China seem to have for now at least been given an added level of confidence.

 “China’s luxury vehicle market in 2015 is going to see a lot of ideas that have proved successful in the U.S last year. For example Mercedes increased and diversified line up, especially appealing to entry level buyers with their CLA series, 75% of those buyers were new to the Mercedes brand and adoption figures like these are never going to be overlooked by the competition” concluded, Alistair Sanders  of Allied Capital Inc.


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