Advantage Concepts, Inc.'s Holiday Culture

Business leaders all over the world are preparing to celebrate the holidays with their teams. The managers at Advantage Concepts, Inc. are careful to be inclusive of diverse cultures, perspectives, and celebrations.

“For the most part, this is an amazing time of year,” said Mike L., Advantage Concepts, Inc.’s president. “Business is booming, and there’s plenty of cheer. However, my colleagues and I do try to be sensitive of the fact that not everyone loves this season. Instead of feeling joyous, some individuals think about loved ones they may have lost, or other painful memories may surface. Sadly, rates of depression spike during the holidays. Even while we’re celebrating, we make sure to stay connected and check in with one another. Our commitment to mutual support remains strong.”

Also part of the team’s sensitivity is the willingness to learn about and embrace the various ways people celebrate the holidays. All the Advantage Concepts, Inc. executives share their traditions, with some bringing ethnic food dishes to their colleagues and others bringing photos and relevant items for all to enjoy. Mike indicated that these are ideal learning opportunities for everyone, and that they even provide fresh inspiration to the group.

"When we plan our social gatherings at Advantage Concepts, Inc., we definitely prioritize diversity and fun - but that's only part of the equation,"



Advantage Concepts, Inc. Leaders Offer Holiday Party Tips

“When we plan our social gatherings at Advantage Concepts, Inc., we definitely prioritize diversity and fun – but that’s only part of the equation,” Mike continued. “There are other factors to consider, and safety is the most important of them. For example, my colleagues and I are cautious about the service and consumption of alcohol at their gatherings. We ensure that all party attendees have safe transportation to their homes. I encourage all leaders and organizers to do the same.”

According to Mike, it’s also essential to consider finances when planning holiday events. He pointed out that his team members are appreciative of the opportunity to celebrate with one another, and do not expect lavish affairs. Sometimes they even prefer to gather for volunteer work, or bring their families together for potluck dinners.

“Finally, I make sure not to let anyone forget that kindness and giving need not be confined to the end of the year,” Mike concluded. “These are some of the values that form our culture, and we must remain dedicated to them no matter what month or season it is. They guide our actions, inform our decisions, and ensure our success.”

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