A New Online Community for Engineers in the UK & Ireland Has Been Launched: EngineeringShared.com

EngineeringShared.com is a new online community that enables Engineers to go beyond simple social sharing like LinkedIn, and is a place where Engineers can now share tools, apps, templates and similar valuable assets to help each others workday.

​Impertion Ltd, a publisher of online communities for professionals, is pleased to announce that it's newest community for Engineers in the UK and Ireland has today been launched.

www.EngineeringShared.com is specifically focused on Mechanical, Electrical, Civil and Design Engineers in the UK and Ireland.

The community also provides more typical social functions such as a Q&A forum, Groups and Discussions, as well as a Careers and Job Vacancies section for Engineering opportunities in the UK and Ireland. This includes a section called "Insider" where Members can anonymously post their experiences of interviewing for Engineering roles or what it is like to work as an Engineer at specific companies.

By engaging on the site (providing answers, tools, videos and Insider feedback) Members also build up their "CredPoints", a score that Recruiters can use to identify strong candidates and which other Members can use to identify helpful peer-Engineers.

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