A New Backpack With Wi-Fi and USB Ports for Charging Soon to Be Released on Kickstarter

Our team launched iBackPack, a revolutionary wearable technology that provides a Wi-Fi hotspot wherever you are in the world and reserve batteries to charge your gadgets.Through this,we have ensured that you do not lose track of your loved ones and friends, you will always be connected.It has proximity locator and anti-theft alarm, to protect the iBackPack,gadgets in it, and the owner.

iBackPack is a waterproof backpack with 3G and 4G WiFi connection for up to six friends​, batteries OF 20,000 mAh and 4 USB Portsports, GPS sytem, proximity locator, anti-theft alarm,and bluetooth speakers.  All these ensure that you can rely on iBackPack when you need internet connection, charge your gadgets, music to play, locate your children and , locate the backpack when someone steals it. iBackPack is water resistant to ensure the electronics inside it are always protected.

The iBackPack team can be contacted by either visiting our website www.ibackpack.co,  http://igg.me/at/ibackpack/x/12554585  or email us on  Jason.ballesteros@ibackpack.me

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