55Printing.com Incorporate Revolutionary Cheap Envelope Printing Process

That Has Small Businesses Seeing Green And Saying Yes. Some may say that envelopes are being phased out, but in reality, the recipient is much more likely to open the envelope when being compared to opening or deleting a spam email.

In the world of media, it is quite common for all outlets to use professional envelopes and stationary when corresponding, however, many smaller businesses have yet to grasp the true power of cheap envelope printing and how to leverage it to work for their business.

55Printing was founded in 2009 and has long encouraged all sized businesses to use branded, custom envelopes, if not just for the marketing aspect of it, for the professional feel that it gives the business. “Most businesses, large or small, are unaware of how inexpensive it is to use cheap envelope printing”, according to the company spokesperson.

When we visited their distribution facility, the spokesperson for 55Printing.com was quoted as saying, “If you are looking for a solution to reduce your advertising and marketing costs and yet make marketing work, you must choose custom printed envelopes. Not many entrepreneurs know that envelopes can be used for printing images of your company’s products and services.”

55Printing.com has made a splash this week with several announcements that are all aimed at lowering prices within the printing industry. 55Printing seems to have built a loyal following with a large amount of positive reviews hitting the internet.  Sean Richards, who is one of 55Printing.com clients, was recently quoted as saying, “Thank you for paying prompt attention to all orders. I look forward to using your envelope printing services again. All the copies are great; so is your customer service. In the meanwhile, if I have anything else coming up, I will hire you gladly. Keep it up, guys.”

The competition has surely taken note that 55Printing is creating a major footprint and big things are to be expected from 55Printing and its affiliate companies. To learn more about www.55Printing.com and the promotions that they offer, please visit their official website.


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