30 Years And Counting - Green Roof Of The Year 2014

The oldest Green Roof Association in the world, FBB (Fachvereiningung für Bauwerksbegrünung e.V.), awarded a prize for green roof of the Year 2014 to a 30 year old green roof on the Allianz Insurance Company in Stuttgart, Germany.

Allianz Insurance Company decided in 1981 to build their local headquarters in the heart of Stuttgart. At that time, the office building was already a big step forward for urban development in many regards. The green roof is one of the first projects where Jörg Breuning, CEO at Green Roof Service LLC / Green Roof Technology was substantially involved in the realization.

“ The architecture firm Brümmendorf, Müller, Murr, Reichmann and landscape architect Prof. Hans Luz did an outstanding job,” said Jorg Breuning, CEO, Green Roof Service LLC. “ They had worked hand in hand to minimalize the environmental footprint of the building by utilizing porous pavements and extensive areas for green roofs.”

All condominiums on top of the building are surrounded by usable green roofs and most offices face into green spaces that are partially accessible. “This project mastered the split between living green working space and luxurious living in downtown of a large City, “emphasized Jorg Breuning.

The green roofs are assembled around the building and on many different levels and together they cover over 21,000 sf. This inner city oasis utilized an advanced Optigreen green roof systems with fully automatic high tide and low tide irrigation system in the mineral drainage layer. The plants “decide” when they need irrigation; no drop of water is wasted or can evaporate before reaching a plant. Neither a person nor electricity is needed to operate this fully mechanical system. It also leaves enough room for precipitation to fill up the water storage under the plants.

This green roof represents a smart and environmentally friendly combination of Blue Roof and Green Roof with minimal maintenance over the last 30 years. Today Green Roof Service LLC / Green Roof Technology is still utilizing this modern green roof technology on many projects in North America with the same success.

Congratulations to this outstanding award!



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