30 Top Experts from Across Nation & Globe Present Vantage Point for Economic Vitality and Healthier Planet to Packed Auditorium in Washington DC

World Green Energy Symposium Council, Board of Advisors & Partners Continue Mission of Recognizing Innovative Case Studies and Economic Opportunities in Energy & Sustainability as more than 30 Top Experts from across the country and globe came together in Washington DC to present to a packed auditorium the Vantage Point for Economic Vitality and a Healthier Planet

On March 12, 2015, and for the eighth consecutive year, the WGES brought together top experts, leading decision makers, buyers, investors, innovators, global industry and local, state and federal agencies and delegates in a platform conducive for information exchange, opportunities, networking and actionable solutions to a packed audience. 

Since 2008 the WGES has taken place annually in the United States and has attracted people and organizations from across the country and the world.  WGES is always invited to - and hosted or co-hosted by - a city, state or as in this case a district and academic institution. WGES serves as world stage bringing together multi-discipline audience which includes government agencies and their leadership, industry, academia, innovators and investors all together in a platform of education and information exchange.  WGES works in collaboration with universities, government agencies, businesses, environmental organizations, chambers of commerce, economic development and other nonprofit organizations, the WGES provides the platform for the education, exchange and implementation of sustainability efforts through its master lectures, case studies, and interaction.

The WGES footprint is its ability to attract some of the best minds, top decision makers and thought leaders who are seeking energy usage savings solutions and/or looking to increase economic development through the use of sustainable technologies and products. This program is a rare opportunity to meet some of the game changers in the industry and the most innovative and advanced technologies to meet those demands. The 2015 program highlighted opportunities on this 7 trillion dollar space as an economic Implicator, job creator, and as a vantage point for a healthier planet

The program host celebrity was Jan Fox, 4 time Emmy Award recipient and former WUSA TV9 anchor. Previous hosts have included Rita Cosby author and former anchor of Fox News, Maribel Aber former Vice President of Nasdaq and CNN correspondent, and actress Dee Wallace among them.  All of the celebrity hosts are experienced in communications and are as diverse as those in the auditorium who come together at the WGES sharing an overall common unity and understanding of this 21st Century economic implicator.  

On behalf of WGES, Jan thanked the 2015 WGES Forum hosts, host ambassadors, and partners which included the District of Columbia, the University of the District of Columbia, the DC Chamber of Columbia, and the DC Archangels. She also recognized the 2015 WGES Forum sponsors which included IBM, HydroInfra, Global Efficiency Energy, Extreme Energy Solutions, Focus Energy, John Han LLC and others.      

Jan Fox then acknowledged Professor Robert Gallagher one of the main figures who oversees the WGES programs.  In her introduction she stated, “His passion for the mission of the WGES combined with his experience as a successful entrepreneur; dedicated educator and advocate for sustainable energy along with advanced technologies to improve mainstream energy as a job creator and tool to strengthen the economy while encouraging a healthier planet serves as the forefront of the respect of his colleagues in the field.” She concluded, “This is the very reason you see many top experts from multi-disciplines here together who may not ordinarily be in the same room. His commitment to the environment as a vantage point for economic development is genuine, it is undeniable, and with 30 years of education and public service his commitment – is longstanding.” 

Periodically the WGES highlights those who have made a difference in this industry. Those previously recognized include; Drexel University for its Smart House Program, the City of Philadelphia for its Greenworks sustainable program accepted by Mayor Nutter, the Country of Brazil recognized for its Sustainable Program in Rio de Janeiro.  In 2012, the District of Columbia was recognized for its Sustainable DC Plan and the NOVA accepted by Mayor Gray. Dow has also been recognized with the Nova Award as an industry leader.

Professor Gallagher came up to the Podium to recognize the 2015 WGES NOVA Award recipient.   He stated, “The World Green Energy Symposium (WGES) is proud to announce the College of Agriculture, Urban Sustainability and Environmental Sciences (CAUSES) of the University of the District of Columbia recipient of the 2015 WGES NOVA Award.” He continued   “CAUSES developed its Urban Food Hubs concept as a model for Urban Agriculture. As one of the fastest growing cities in the U.S., and one of the most bifurcated, Washington, D.C. is an ideal location to develop and test the viability of urban agriculture solutions.” He then concluded,  The Urban Food Hubs concept consists of four components: 1) Urban Food Production, 2) Food Processing, 3) Food Distribution, and 4) waste reduction/reuse.  The aim of the Urban Food Hubs is to increase urban food production, expand food-related business opportunities, improve nutritional health through access to fresh food, and reduce energy by closing the distance between farm and fork (food production to food consumption).“ Dr. Sabine O’Hara, Dean of CAUSES accepted the 2015 WGES NOVA Award on behalf of CAUSES.  She thanked WGES and reaffirmed CAUSES and her own personal commitment to urban sustainable solutions.        

The 2015 WGES Forum continued with its solid jam-packed program consisting of experts unveiling the latest information on how to tap into this $7 trillion dollar market as an economic generator and latest cost savings energy efficiency solutions and opportunities.  The World Green Energy Symposium continued to follow in its tradition of having a cross section of the country’s and the world’s top experts and dynamic speakers. 

The presenters provided updates on actual case studies and opportunities, economic and sustainable opportunities for careers and contracting and discussions followed centering on issues and solutions, along with internship opportunities presented to students in attendance.  The WGES Master Class representing academia and the District of Columbia were Dr. James E. Lyons, Interim President University of the District of Columbia, Ms. Margaret Singleton, Vice President DC Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Tommy Wells, Acting Director DDOE, Dr. Sabine O’Hara, Dean College of Agriculture, Urban Sustainability and Environmental Sciences (CAUSES) of the University of the District of Columbia; leadership representing the federal perspective were; Mr. Kevin Kampschroer, Deputy Senior Sustainability Official, U.S. General Services Administration, Federal Director, Office of Federal High-Performance Green Buildings, Ms. Kristine M. Kingery, Director Army Sustainability Policy, Office of the Assistant Secretary of Army, Mr. Landon Van Dyke, U. S. State Department, Senior MA Executive Coordinator of Sustainability and Ms. Joanne Hill, Chief Department of Commerce MBDA,  representing global industry on the master stage were Leo Mackay Corporate Vice President – Ethics & Sustainability, Lockheed Martin, and Michaels Wells, Global Vice President, IBM who presented along with other top executives from IBM.   

In addition, WGES program had concurrent sessions where experts tackled topics ranging from: international exporting opportunities; cost effective solutions; savings, funding and investments from micro to millions; government contracting and grant opportunities; the global launch of technology from Stockholm Sweden; Power Africa $20 Billion for U.S. companies; how to get investors interest in your technology presented by major investors;  public private partnerships ways to fund and develop green energy projects; unique approaches to developing urban sustainability; making power plants more sustainable; increasing the efficiency of steam-based power generation and more.

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About the World Green Energy Symposium (WGES)   
The WGES takes place annually in the United States of America and has been doing so since 2008.  The WGES is well known for its exceptional quality driven programs and its ability for outcome based results for its participants.  WGES brings together government agencies, global industry, academia, investors, innovators, delegates, together under one roof.   Working in collaboration with universities, government agencies, businesses, environmental organizations, chambers of commerce, economic development and other for profit and nonprofit organizations, the WGES has earned its mark for providing a world stage as a platform for the education, information exchange and implementation of sustainability efforts through its master lectures, case studies, and audience interaction.  Since its inception, WGES One Day Forums and 3 Day Conferences have always been held at the invitation of - and hosted by - a City, State and/or Institution of Higher Learning that has a sustainable plan and/or programs in place as part of their framework supporting incentives, jobs and contracting opportunities as a vantage point for economic vitality and a healthier planet.


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