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ExamPro, as its name implies, is exam-oriented people providing the most befitting courses for the candidates of OB/GYN. Candidates, who complete D.Os or M.Ds, further require to pass the board exams and obtain the certification for practicing Obstetrics and Gynecology. Between their busy schedules it is very difficult to study the entire syllabus and prepare for the exam. ExamPro, with their 20 years' experience, understands this and delivers superbly compressed exam focused courses and other easy methods that can reduce their preparation time without cutting out the content.

OB/GYN Course designed and prepared by ExamPro and guides the candidates to take Written Exams of the Board, Oral Board Exams, MFB Boards, MOC Exams and Residency Directors exams. Their tailor made courses enable the candidates to go through the content in a much easier manner. Apart from the regular courses they also provide courses for OB/GYN Board Review Course, a five days course refreshes the entire content needed for the Board Exam, is provided by ExamPro. It helps the candidates to save their time and at the same time achieve their goal.

In addition to this, they provide ExamPro Advanced courses to enable the candidates to complete the MOC Part 3, the highest-level OB/GYN exam. They conduct Written Board Exam Technique Course, which is an online course. In addition, they provide courses through DVDs and MP3s. There is an analysis program towards Test taking Skills. It is full with multiple-choice questions.

For the oral board Exams, ExamPro provides numerous courses like Comprehension Case List Construction and Review Course with Workshop, Case List Construction with Review Webcast, Definitive Board Prep Course and many more. In addition, they provide Mock Orals for MFM Boards.

About ExamPro: Founded in 1991 by Dr. Schamroth, ExamPro has helped thousands of candidates to pass the Board Exams of OB/GYN. Showing nearly 97% of success rates, their candidates are eminent doctors serving millions of patients all through the nation.

For more information visit: http://www.exampro.com/ .

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