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Engine World Inc has over 2000 Japanese Engines & Transmissions. We ship within continental United States with 48 hrs after order is placed. Engines & Transmissions are tested before they are shipped. We have the largest inventory.

Most people don't know where to look for low mileage Engines for their Japanese vehicles apart from buying one from a local Salvage yard. In most states Salvage Yards have a hard time getting Salvage license and number of Salvage Yards is reducing nationwide. We all know that Junk Yards don't focus on quality, they just care about dismantling the vehicle and sell Engines and Transmissions as-is without testing them. We all drive about 30,000-40,000 miles in a Year this means around 150,000 miles in five years therefore all you get at a Salvage yard is a high mileage non tested Engine or transmissions.

So where would one go to buy a decent low mileage Engine ? There is only one option - buying low mileage Used Japanese Engines that are imported from Japan. Very few know about this concept of Engines from Japan.

Japan is the only haven in this world where low mileage Used Engines & Transmissions are available due to strict transportation laws in Japan. The problem is they are very difficult to come by because the supply is restricted and there are very few importers in United States. Average mileage of an Engine available out of Japan from a Japanese vehicle is around 40,000-50,000 miles. Japanese vehicles go through a stringent Bi-annual inspection after first three years on an average. Inspection is called "shaken" and runs around $2500 each time and if even the head light is not proper or if the bumper is broken, they have to repeat the inspection and pay again. In order to buy a New vehicle Japanese have to prove that they own or lease a parking space which runs around $2000 per month. Therefore average mileage on a Japanese vehicle is less than half of any vehicle in United States of the same year. So a vehicle in five years will have around 30,000-40,000 miles compared to 150,000 miles in United States.

We recommend buying Japanese Engines from Engine World Inc who has a very good reputation. They import engines from their own head office in Osaka and they test every mechanical aspect of the Engine or transmission before they ship to their customers. If interested one can send a Price Quote Request from the following Url: http://japaneseusedengines.net/Price-Request & they will reply to the price quote within an hour. You may also call them at

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Engine World Inc- Premium Japanese Engine wholesale
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