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Premier Real Estate Management Inc. Helps to Avoid Legal Landmines When Renting Property

Protecting the landlord's investment and not giving cause for tenants to sue him/her is the primary job for Premier Real Estate Management

A well intentioned idea of making extra income from their properties can threaten to become a legal landmine if landlords aren't careful. The many laws and regulations concerning tenancy can overwhelm both newcomers and seasoned property owners.

Premier Real Estate Management Inc. offers comprehensive property management services that promise to take the weight off a landlord's mind. "As property managers, our primary aim is to protect our client's property from all problems, actual and potential, and maximize its ROI," says a spokesperson for the asset management company.

Some of the services offered by the company include, screening prospective tenants, servicing of all maintenance requests, inquiries and complaints, fee and rent collection, leasing and undertaking all on-site maintenance and repairs.

Tenants are checked for their past rental history, credit worthiness, FICO scores, employment verification, etc. As for servicing maintenance requests, the company ensures that all major repairs and maintenance complaints are carried after approval from the landlord. "We don't charge clients for the cost of contracting services and repairs," adds the spokesperson.

The fee and rentals collected from tenants are deposited directly to the landlord's bank account or mailbox. When tenants fail to pay rent within the stipulated time, prompt legal action is taken against them.

When assigned the task of leasing a property, Premier Real Estate Management Inc. ensures that it is evaluated before and after a lease. "Your property is advertised for maximum exposure. We collect and screen applicants, prepare leasing documents and collect deposits, provide all disclosures as required by Federal Laws and initiate eviction proceedings against defaulting tenants,' he says. They also offer to coordinate all interior and exterior maintenance jobs and affect janitorial and gardening services.

About Premier Real Estate Management Inc.:

Premier Real Estate Management Inc. is a Missouri based full service property management company offering residential and commercial real estate management throughout Missouri and Kansas. They're currently involved in managing several multifamily properties in and around Columbia, Lee's Summit, Kansas City, Leavenworth, etc. For more information, visit,


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