Predivita Introduces Its New Vitamin Stick to Enrich the Protein Diet

The leading manufacturer of easy-to-prepare protein diet products, Predivita offers the newest Vitamins-Minerals-Oligo supplement stick for better results.

For more than three decades, the principle of protein dieting has seen tremendous success. A diet plan based on natural proteins, including dairy and soy, the Predivita protein diet is anchored on the principle that intake of carbohydrates and fats should be reduced, giving more emphasis to the benefits of eating protein-rich food.

Predivita is a Belgium-based company that advocates protein dieting and manufactures a plethora of products containing high amount of protein and low in fat or carbohydrates. The diet, followed successfully by thousands of people in and out of the country, consists of biscuits, bread, toast, rice, couscous, cereal, desserts, drinks, porridge, omelets, pancakes, pastas, sauces, nuggets, bars and soups.

To better deliver weight loss results, Predivita has launched the supplement stick with multivitamins, minerals and oligo elements. The product is a delicious and refreshing complementary drink specifically designed to provide the body with all the necessary security during the Predivita protein diet.

Detailed at, the new vitamin stick from Predivita contains the extra vitamins, minerals and trace elements necessary during the diet. Handy and easy-to-prepare, the new product can be taken to work or during a sports activity. A stick of 8 grams should be mixed in 200 ml of water, and stirred until the powder is completely dissolved. Three sticks per day is the recommended daily intake.

In particular, the new Predivita supplement drink contains the 13 essential Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B8, B9 and B12, as well as Vitamins C, D, E and K - all combined to ensure that the body performs at its peak. The essential minerals include Potassium, Calcium, Phosphorus and Magnesium. The product also has Chromium, Selenium, Iron, Zinc, Copper, Iodine and Manganese as trace elements.

To find out more about the newest Predivita vitamin stick to boost the body's performance while on the protein diet, please visit for information.

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