Predivita Debuts New Recipes for High Protein Low Carb Diet This Christmas

A well-known protein diet company in Belgium, Predivita now serves the parsley bacon cake and three kinds of chocolate bars sweetened with Stevia.

One with the Belgians in celebrating the holidays, Predivita is introducing four recettes de diète protein or recipes for the protein diet that are surely a hit with the festivities. The protein diet, which has been successfully embedded in the lifestyle of many people in Belgium and all over Europe, is now tastier than ever this Christmas and beyond with the new Predivita products.

As people enjoy an abundance of food for the holidays, Predivita intends to keep dieters focused on their weight loss goals - without having to skip the delicious. For anyone seeking craving the delicious taste of meat with a hint of vegetable in one recipe will delight in Predivita's newest parsley bacon cake. The perfect food for a quick dinner or a lazy brunch, this newest product will satisfy anyone without hurting their dieting plans.

For individuals on the Predivita diet who finds it tremendously difficult to resist their favorite chocolates, Predivita now offers its new chocolate bars sweetened with Stevia, the organic sugar alternative that makes everything sweet and tasty, without the dreaded calories.

The new Predivita chocolate bars are Mocha-filled and Praline-filled, with a hint of chocolate and sweetened even better with Stevia. For the sweet-toothed who wants the original taste of chocolate, the classic protein chocolate bar sweetened with Stevia is the best choice.

For years, the leading manufacturer of protein diet products has been providing consumers with ready-to-eat low-calorie meals with a very high content of natural protein. The success of the Predivita protein diet is attributed to the variety of products, which come in handy packages for on-the-go dieters. True to this principle, the new proteïne dieet recepten or protein diet recipes are easy to prepare for anyone who wants fast, delicious food. also welcomes visitors with its vast range of products for every protein dieter who wants to consume the best, most delicious food and gain zero weight. The Predivita menu consists of bread and breakfast, toppings, sauces and dips, desserts, beverages, meals and soups packed with protein and with zero calories. Vitamins and supplements are also offered by the manufacturer.

To find out more about the four new recipes to satisfy the palate of Predivita dieters this Christmas, please visit for information.

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