Predivita Belgium Redefines Delicious Condiment with Healthy Honey-Mustard Dressing

Predivita, Belgium's leading protein diet products manufacturer and online shop, is offering the low-fat, low-calorie honey-mustard dressing.

Predivita gives new meaning to mouth-watering honey-mustard dressing. Doing away with the usual calorie-filled condiment, the healthy weight-loss advocate in Belgium introduces a healthier variety that is perfect for lettuce and other greens.

Consisting of water, cider vinegar, Dijon mustard and artisan mustard, honey, onion, citrus fiber, salt and thickener, the new Hand-made Honey-Mustard Dressing is extremely low in calories. It is perfect for individuals on the Predivita Protein Diet, which is essentially based on dairy or soy, the scientifically backed Protein Diet pushes for increased intake of protein, while going slow on carbohydrates and fats.

Predivita makes it very easy to shed extra pounds without the pangs of hunger or the yo-yo effect. For over 30 years, the principles behind the Predivita protein diet are applied by professional dieticians, and followed successfully by thousands of people in and out of the country.

Delighting health-conscious people in Belgium, Predivita is known for offering ready-to-eat low-calorie meals with a very high content of natural protein in handy packages often in powder form in handy little sachets. The dietary protein products are also very tasty, and can be taken anywhere including in school or at work.

With a variety of vitamins and supplements, bread, desserts, beverages, dishes, soups and bars or biscuits, Predivita dieters need not resist the temptation of a delicious snack - and not have to worry about exceeding the allowed calorie intake with conventional calorie bombs.

Because it is low in calories, the newly launched Honey-Mustard Dressing can become part of any Protein Diet follower, and is perfect for achieving the desired effects in four different phases. The company also sells diet packages and provides guidance for starters who wish to jumpstart their way to healthier eating.

To find out more about the new honey-mustard dressing product from Predivita, please visit for information.

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