Predivita Partners with BPost to Offer 10% Discount Coupon on Protein Diet Products

Predivita, the leading protein diet advocate and online shop in Belgium, is treating customers to a 10% discount, in cooperation with the Belgian Post Group or BPost.

The Protein Diet caters to the health-conscious market. As its name suggests, it is a diet program that pushes for dieters to increase their protein intake, and take it easy on carbohydrates and fats. Predivita, a company based in Belgium, helps individuals slim down healthily by manufacturing and selling protein-based food.

Detailed at, the Protein Diet menu consists of delectable dishes and drinks - which essentially satisfy any craving for the salty, the sweet and everything in between. offers a wide array of protein-rich, low-calorie food products.

Unlike most other diets, the Predivita way does not result in accumulated fat. The program also consists of several phases that help maintain the results achieved and avoid the so-called "yo-yo effect". As such, Predivita is able to serve consumers, dieticians and other weight loss specialists throughout Belgium and Europe.

Making protein dieting even more enjoyable and affordable for everyone, is running a 10% off promotion. The company has partnered with bPost - also known as the Belgian Post Group that is responsible for the delivery of national and international mail - in offering the 10% discount to customers.

The price-slash promo applies to Predivita's wide portfolio of protein diet products. For a limited period, customers can now buy vitamins and supplements; bread & breakfast food; toppings, sauces and dips; desserts; beverages; meals; soups; as well as bars and biscuits. The discount offer is not valid on already discounted items.

The Predivita Protein Diet has been scientifically proven to offer quick but lasting weight loss without unwanted hunger or fatigue. Lowered BMI, reduced blood cholesterol, lowered blood pressure, decreased apnea and improved insulin response in Type 2 Diabetes are just a few of the effects Predivita dieters have been experiencing.

To find out more about the 10% discount offered by Predivita and promo partner BPost for the Belgian market, please visit for information.

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