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PreAuthor Mike Hayes Announces PreSelling of His Book Crowdfunding Intelligence: The Simple PreCrowdfunding MEGA Money Method

PreAuthor and veteran national broadcaster Mike Hayes announces the PreSelling of his book Crowdfunding Intelligence: The Simple PreCrowdfunding MEGA Money Method extracted from the knowledge acquired by an extensive 2 years research into the world o

PreAuthor Mike Hayes set out to discover why some crowdfunding campaigns fail while others succeed, and to determine how a selected group of "the savviest campaigners" were able to raise millions and millions of dollars, and often follow them up with other successful serial crowdfunding campaigns.

"What are the secret tactics of these amazing mega campaigners?" wondered Hayes.

Hayes credits a long recovery period following a serious illness for the time he needed to seize the opportunity of the perfect timing for his re-awakening in the digital age and for his motivation to research and write about his own crowdfunding intelligence research.

Following two years of "real world" research, including hundreds of interviews with top crowdfunders, veteran national broadcaster Hayes reveals "The Top 7 Key Distinctions" between crowdfunding failures and successes, plus how those AMAZING Mega-Money Success stories raised millions of dollars.

Hayes has teamed in his precrowdfunding efforts with, a crowdfunding platform built by book publishers to help authors, and with, a crowdfunding platform built by YouTube producers for YouTube channelers, to support the PreSelling of his book.

Broadcast documentarian Mike Hayes explains about the results of his research: "My big fat claim is that I have interrogated more crowdfunding campaigners, success stories and Mega Money Crowdfunding Campaigners across all platforms, and in all verticals, around the world for My Crowdfunding Intelligence radio shows and book than any other human being on the planet Earth since the Big Bang."

Hayes added, "It's been an exhaustive but exhilarating undertaking, working six and seven days a week, but I'm glad I did it. In the end, my quest resulted in the method I codified for anyone to use and learn in a step-by-step manner because it's a multimedia how-to description that I plan to keep updating and that is contained in my book Crowdfunding Intelligence: The Simple PreCrowdfunding MEGA Money Method."

New campaigners can learn best from the experiences of their peers, who are people like them, promoting projects like theirs, and who have already achieved crowdfunding success so they can better mimic their activities.

"Now I am committed to sharing, with as many people as I can, the crowdfunding intelligence which I gathered from these amazing people in a book about these case studies. So now I'm a PreAuthor who is PreSelling a book about PreCrowdfunding to share what I learned," added Hayes.

PreCrowdfunding is all about using free and professional resources for multimedia global communications to network with supporters about what campaigners have to offer and what they need. Communications must be global because people in other countries outside of the US understand crowdfunding more intimately and now there are means available to campaigners to reach them. Crowdfunding statistics indicate that 20% to 40% of funding comes from outside the US.

"So, right now", Hayes said, "I'm PreSelling my book to recruit supporters who want to raise funds too, by rewarding them for small contributions with my multimedia interviews and case studies I have already compiled. Anyone who would like to save 10,000 hours of research can learn what I've learned for less than the price of a book. Even if they have already started a campaign, I will show them how to breathe new life into it."

Mike Hayes hopes that campaigners and the public will understand his mission enough to learn more about it at so he can compile these incredible interviews in his new book. He is also crowdfunding now on, another crowdfunding portal for YouTube channels, by which he will deliver the multimedia rewards to his supporters.

'I know I still have a lot of work ahead of me, because, as great as crowdfunding has proven to be for many people, the majority of Americans still don't know that crowdfunding exists, or worse, misunderstand it. I am here to change that." Hayes laughed excitedly.

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