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Prayer Website PRAYHoUSe Launches Prayer Book 'Praying the Scriptures in 365 Days with PRAYHoUSe'

Popular prayer website PRAYHoUSe launches its prayer book series 'PRAYING THE SCRIPTURES IN 365 DAYS WITH PRAYHoUSe'.

'PRAYING THE SCRIPTURES IN 365 DAYS WITH PRAYHoUSe' comes in three volumes, each 740 pages, covering four months of the year. The first volume contains 363 prayers, covering the months of January to April, including February 29 for leap years. Having three prayers a day; one for morning, noon and night, this prayer book covers subjects millions of Christians around the world constantly pray for everyday, such as prayers for strength, God's protection, prosperity, God's guidance, and healing.

At the moment, only the first volume (January - April) has been released.

'PRAYING THE SCRIPTURES IN 365 DAYS WITH PRAYHoUSe' seeks to help thousands of Christians pray according to God's Will that He may hear us all (1 John 5:14). For less than $30, this prayer book is available on Amazon, and is coming to all major online retail outlets including Barnes & Noble, and to libraries through Baker & Taylor. During the first few days from release, the prayer book was made available for free download, but is now available at Amazon's Kindle for $1.

According to the Amazon description of the prayer book, the idea for the prayer book came after a successful take off of the PRAYHoUSe prayer website. The over 10,000 prayers on the website were said over 300,000 times in less than 60 days by over 150,000 visitors. Most of the visitors being Americans, Indians, Canadians, South Africans, and Filipinos.

The readers who felt the prayers on the website are 'excellent' suggested that the website be adapted into a prayer book, bringing together some of the over 10,000 prayers, and 'providing a 365-day prayer-guide'.

The other two volumes will be released February and March 2014 respectively. That's exactly 1,098 prayers in the prayer book series.

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