Practice Treatment Plan Launches New Guides To Help Dentists Looking To Start Up Or Purchase A New Dental Practice

Practice Treatment Plan, Inc. - a Dental Marketing and Consulting Company based in Atlanta, GA - recently launched two new guides to help Dentists who are looking to start or buy a new dental practice.

Partnering with business experts who focus on the dental industry, including a CPA, a Loan Officer, a Commercial Real Estate Broker, a Financial Planner, an Attorney, a Construction/Design expert, and a Office Computer and Software expert, they have created guides to help dentists mange through the unknowns as they open a new dental practice.

The Dental Practice Startup Guide: A Step-by-Step Guide to Opening a Successful Dental Practice. Currently selling for only $49, this guide is designed to help dentists through some of the key decisions that they will be making as they open their new practice. Practice Treatment Plan has brought in experts on different subject matters to give dentists the insights into what they need to know. There is one simple truth that all doctors face when opening their own practice for the first time: They don't know what they don't know. There are many areas where they will need guidance from professionals who have helped others before them. This guide will help them through this process - and reduce their time commitment and stress!

The contents of the Dental Practice Startup Guide include information on:

Dental practice financing
Finding a great location
Planning construction & design
Creating a marketing strategy
Hiring staff
Setting up controls & protections
Practice management & structure
and more!

The Dental Startup Guide can be purchased by visiting

The Guide to Purchasing a Dental Practice: A Step-by-Step Guide to Buying and Growing a Dental Practice. Selling for only $199, this guide includes practical information to help a dentist navigate the process of locating, evaluating, negotiating, buying and growing a new dental practice. Because in a Dental Practice purchase, who is looking out for the buyer? There are very few resources out there these days for dentists looking to purchase a dental practice. This guide is designed to give them the information that they need to ask the right questions and make a good decisions for their own future success. We have brought in experts on different subject matters to give you insights into what you need to know, including a:

Dental CPA
Dental Financial Planner
Dental Commercial Real Estate Tenant Representative
Dental Loan Officer
Dental Marketing Strategist
Dental Attorney

Plus, in addition to the useful information in the guide itself, those dentists who purchase will also be entitled to:

Curriculum Vitae and Personal Financial Statement templates.

High-level practice valuation worksheet for up to three practices - see what would be a fair value purchase price (you must provide the financials from the practice you are evaluating).

High-level analysis of practice cash flow for up to three practices - see where opportunities exist for you to increase take home profit (you must provide the financials from the practice you are evaluating).

To purchase the The Guide to Purchasing a Dental Practice please visit

"We put together these guides because we really wanted a resource that Dentists could turn to when going through these very complex processes," said Benjamin Suggs, CEO of Practice Treatment Plan, Inc. "The guides not only provide a check-list for the doctors to follow, but they also have insights on other critical considerations. The contributors to this guide really dug deep and provided a lot of useful information; the type of information that they are normally paid for."

To learn more about Practice Treatment Plan, please visit or call (888) 412-8820.

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