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Power Target Saves Money with Energy Provider Comparison Engine

Power Target's online platform assists homeowners in comparing energy plans to determine the most cost-effective plan for individual households

Power Target, a premier energy provider comparison platform, today announced the company's online service that assists homeowners in competitive electricity markets to find and compare electricity providers to meet their needs. The company's comparison engine not only allows electricity providers to reach new audiences, but powers several consumer facing Web sites, including ElectricityRates.com, RenewableElectricity.com and CompareElectricity.com.

The Power Target system is a convenient way for homeowners in states that offer competitive energy pricing to find the best plan for them. Featuring a clean interface that makes comparing energy plans simple, homeowners may complete the process within 10 minutes, ensuring a lower rate in the months to come.

"With many households across the country tightening up on monthly expenses wherever possible, we saw an opportunity to assist homeowners in making this process a little easier," stated Rob Rex, CEO, Power Target. "Our online platform offers some of the lowest rates in the country, making it easy for consumers to choose the best rate and plan for their household, saving money within minutes."

The Power Target platform also allows retail energy providers to add new customers with total control over targeting and the user experience. For publishers with an audience interested in saving money, the Power Target system offers simple integration, payouts and reliable support materials, including guides and custom content.

Power Target's online comparison platform features the following:

• Clean interface
• Performance-based pricing
• Easy integration
• Electricity supplier completely controls the user experience

More information about Power Target and the company's online comparison platform can be found by visiting http://powertargetllc.com/.

About Power Target
Founded in 2010, Power Target is an online platform that assists homeowners in competitive electricity markets to find and compare electricity providers to meet their needs. Powering several Web sites, including ElectricityRates.com, RenewableElectricity.com and CompareElectricity.com, the company also assists electricity providers in reaching new audiences. For more information about Power Target, please visit the company's Web site at http://powertargetllc.com/. To view the Power Target consumer-facing platform, visit http://electricityrates.com.


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