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Power Converters Specialist Offers Three-phase Systems to Enhance Power Utility Efficiency

Power Change Converters is in the business of providing and installing in Melbourne and neighbouring areas the revolutionary three-phase converter device to ensure better power efficiency.

Power problems are often experienced outside the major cities in Melbourne where a three-phase power converter is often not available or is expensive to connect. A three-phase converter, which is essentially a device that converts single-phase electric power to three-phase, is seen as an effective solution to power efficiency issues. Generally speaking, power converters are deemed to be as much as 95% efficient.

Phase Change Converters is Australia's leading designer and manufacturer of single to three-phase power converters. Located in Longwarry, Melbourne, the team behind the company boasts of real world application experience in the manufacturing and application of "traditional" rotary converters. In its constant discovery of converters' limitations with advance controllers, the company invests in the development of a smarter, more capable Australian-designed and manufactured microprocessor based controller.

Power Change Converters has serviced a wide range of industries all across Australia. The company has successfully installed phase changers and power converter systems in an Olive Oil Processing Plant, a Fruit Packing & Cool Room, and a Metal Fabrication and Engineering Workshop. The company has also serviced machines and equipment such as an ice cream mixer and compressor, woodworking Machines, dairy farm refrigeration and circulation pumps, as well as welder and punch & shear.

Detailed at, the company has field tested its system controller for performance and reliability. Once proven, the new controller formed the basis of the range of Phase-Changer converters that offer a unique and reliable high performance three-phase power converter at a realistic price.

Power Change Converters offers phase-changers that have formally been tested and approved to meet the stringent safety and EMC standards for the EU or the European CE approval, as well as C-Tick approval for Australian and New Zealand markets.

To find out more about the power change converter systems products and services offered by Power Converters, please visit for information.

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