PortPrep Gives Away Crucial College Art Portfolio Tips in Their Free E-Book

PortPrep, a website that helps high school seniors build their college art portfolio, releases a free downloadable e-book called "Make a Winning Art Portfolio."

According to PortPrep owner and "Admission Insider" Karen Kesteloot, only 150 out of 3,000 applicants get into college. For students who applied to an art or design program but was rejected, it was their art portfolios that undid them.

During her time as part of the Illustration Program at Sheridan College, Karen saw that the college art portfolios submitted by applicants were not as good as they should be. The ideas were there, but the skill level displayed in the portfolios was below what colleges expected from students.

Considering the budget cuts in the art industry that was implemented last year, students are now more than hard-pressed to come up with cost-effective solutions on how to better prepare their college art portfolios.

Through the Make a Winning Art Portfolio e-book, Karen aims to make important information on how to build a college art portfolio more accessible to applicants. By following the tips and advice in the free e-book, students can increase their chances of getting into the best art and design colleges.

The free e-book contains resources on how to develop your hand drawing skills (essential to all college art students), how to make a memorable impression to professors through your portfolio, and how to arrange the pieces in your college art portfolio, among others.

Read the free e-book now and make the most out of your opportunity to fulfill your dream of becoming an art student and make a career out of being an artist or design. Download your copy by visiting the link below.


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