PortfolioRunner Moving Out of Beta

PortfolioRunner.com is excited to announce that soon we will be moving out of our Beta phase.

This is an exciting step in our growing company. We have been working and tweaking the service with volumes of help from the public and our customers. "We could not move into this without the help of our staff and most of all our customers," stated Brent Cole, CEO. The service is going still be free which is great for all the current customers and the public as well.

PortfolioRunner is going to allow customers to operate a basic account with a limited amount of strategies and an initial investment amount for only 1 portfolio. This is going to be completely free of charge with many upgrades available. For a nominal charge anyone can have access to all of our strategies, multiple portfolios, and a large investment capital amount. This is going to be a great value for our customers to refer PortfolioRunner to friends and family to try it for free for a period of time. PortfolioRunner's goal is to allow everyone the ability to effectively manage a portfolio with the best risk management tools on the market and we feel that it is now here. We are pleased to announce that the web platform will no longer be in Beta testing, for the test results are in, and the results are amazing! Happy Trading!

For more details visit http://www.portfoliorunner.com/


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