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PortfolioRunner.com has come off of exponential growth in 2010 and looking forward to the year ahead.

Our major goal at PortfolioRunner is allow anyone to trade that wants to along with providing a platform for more experienced users that is exceptional in every way.

We have updated our home page with what we feel is a more clear explanation of our service. On the computer screen on our home page there used to be a picture of people that could be navigated through.

The new platform displays the words 'We all can trade like the pros' with a question mark underneath to the left stating 'Investment Idea'. We have three different strategy types in order to optimize your portfolio and they are either technical, fundamental, or community strategies. PortfolioRunner allows you to choose what strategy that you would like based on your personal ideas of what you feel would work best. The goal is to manage your risk, so that risk is low and profits will be high. Customers receive recommendations to buy or sell ETFs, Stocks, or Mutual Funds based on your personal risk inclination and strategy.

The second screen shows a graph depicting return and risk. PortfolioRunner will instruct the customer as when to buy Asset A, Asset B, Asset C, and so on. Or will let you know if you do not need to buy any of those assets. The third screen clearly shows how PortfolioRunner informs when to sell. It gives to basic reasons such as a trend break or bad news. PortfolioRunner has multiple sophisticated algorithms that support each of the strategies so that there is never any human emotion involved.

"We really hope that the new home-page screen will entice more people that visit the site to not be scared away with the idea of trading, but embrace it," stated Michael Goodman, CIO.


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