Popular Prayer Website PRAYHoUSe Reachs Milestone Of Its Prayers Said 1,000,000 Times

The popular prayer website PRAYHoUSe on Saturday, February 8, 2014, reached the milestone of its over 10,000 prayers said 1,000,000 times.

The popular Christian prayer website PRAYHoUSe, launched on October 28, 2013, on Saturday, February 8, 2014, reached the milestone of its over 10,000 Scripture-based prayers said 1,000,000 times. This milestone was reached before four months from inception.

Its prayers were said 148,183 times in November 2013, 176,280 times in December, and 490,192 times in January. Below is a stat of the top 10 countries responsible for reaching this milestone. The figures are the number of times a prayer was said by a visitor from the corresponding country.

United States — 560,548
South Africa — 44,114
Kenya — 40,084
Philippines — 38,461
Nigeria — 25,897
India — 19,856
United Kingdom — 19,641
Malaysia — 12,331
Canada — 6,050
Indonesia — 5,153

Prayers from PRAYHoUSe are based on Scripture verses, and deal with situations like prosperity, strength, healing, God's protection, thanksgiving, and forgivenes.

According to Chika, one of the PRAYHoUSe founders, he knew that praying according to God's will means praying Scripture verses, and that was when the idea of PRAYHoUSe was born; a single prayer directory that houses thousands of prayers from the Scriptures, which are in alignment with God's Will that He may hear us each time we go to Him in prayer.

In four months, PRAYHoUSe already had over 100,000 follower-ship on Facebook alone, and the website became fully functional on October 28, 2013. Today, PRAYHoUSe has over 10,000 prayers from the Scriptures, and over 150,000 follower-ship on Facebook only.

With a growing follower-ship of over 150,000 across Facebook and Twitter, PRAYHoUSe's mission is to bring God's Word to the ears of millions through the Scriptures, God's peace into the hearts of millions through prayers, and testimony on the lips of millions through Jesus Christ who does anything we ask in His Name that the Father may be glorified in Him (John 14:13).

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