Popular Christian Prayer Website PRAYHoUSe Calls For Public Contribution

PRAYHoUSe today begins its call for public contribution. The prayer website, which houses over 10,000 prayers from the Scriptures, has since last month claimed to be the largest Christian prayer directory on the World Wide Web.

In a bid to grow larger and faster, PRAYHoUSe has opened posting of prayers to the general public. In their own words, "Now we are not only a free Christian prayer directory; we are also a prayer directory with contributions from anybody."

Like every website with public contribution, every submission undergoes moderation by a staff at PRAYHoUSe. PRAYHoUSe claims that the moderation process is almost immediately and "prayers should be up in little or no time".

All prayers must be mailed to a particular blogger.com email with the Bible verse of the prayer as the subject of the email. All Bible verses must be in King James Version because it is the only Bible "translation in Public Domain".

PRAYHoUSe claims to verify if the Bible verse is in King James Version, although they made it clear that if the Bible verse is not in King James Version, they will change it for the sender.

The body of the email should be the prayer, which must be related to the Bible verse in the subject of the email. They claim not to publish prayers that are unrelated to the Bible verse.

All prayers should commence with the traditional PRAYHoUSe prayer "opening words": LET US PRAY, which must be entirely in caps and in bold.

In a bid to reference the writer of the prayer, PRAYHoUSe has offered to allow the sender include a sentence that includes the name of the sender and country. For example:

"Prayer Submitted by: [Put your name here], [Put your country here]". So if the sender is John Smith from United States, we will have:

"Prayer Submitted by: John Smith, United States".

They made it known that if the prayer comes with a link, they will remove it.

Also in a bid to prevent plagiarism or copyright infringement, they urge the sender to send only original works and not prayers culled from some author's book, website or work.

They claim to verify the originality of every prayer sent in before they publish. They also indicated that all prayers should not be written in "abbreviations or slangs", but in proper grammar and punctuation.

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