Pop Artist Chris Collins Auctions Original Russell Wilson Painting

Auction Proceeds Benefit the Seattle Children's Hospital. Original Pop Art hand painted by Chris Collins.

Los Angeles based Pop Artist Chris Collins Auctions Original Russell Wilson Seahawk's Painting. Auction Proceeds Benefit the Seattle Children's Hospital.

Seahawk's Quarterback Russell Wilson and his team spent numerous days and quality time at the Seattle Children's Hospital this NFL season. His perseverance and hard work on the field inspires top performance across the nation.

Pop Artist Chris Collins acknowledges Wilson's humble efforts and honors the perseverance of the patients at the Seattle Children's Hospital through an original painting. The painting is officially available for auction online through Ebay, proceeds benefit the Seattle Children's Hospital.

The auction will end after Sunday's playoff game (Seahawks VS 49ers)
Support the cause bid here http://r.ebay.com/15t4Fz
The opening bid was initiated at $1500

Chris Collins is the world's only exclusive bulldog painter. He's branded his paintings as and practices as Top Dog. Top Dog is lifestyle applicable in business, life, and sports. "Anything that you can keep score in… my outlook has always been that there has to be a formula to become a Michael Jordan, Steve Jobs, or Russell Wilson." Chris has also profiled Howard Stern, Bill Clinton, Muhammad Ali, James Bond, and Tiger Woods as Top Dogs through his Pop Art. Today Chris Collins is proud to recognize Russell Wilson as an official Top Dog. We hope to see the Seahawk's make it to the Superbowl and look forward to recognizing Russell Wilson as the NFL's Most Valuable Player. 2014 is suppose to be "the biggest Superbowl ever" and we cannot wait.


Press Contact: Ashley Covarrubias

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