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PlyoJam Chooses Westmoreland Media for Brand Expansion Campaign

Jason Layden seeking greater industry push and client exposure for his plyometric dance workout by partnering with established design and marketing firm

PlyoJam is proud to announce that it has contracted with Westmoreland Media in an effort to grow its share of the burgeoning health and fitness industry. Together, they hope to solidify PlyoJam's market position and expand its presence on a national scale.

PlyoJam is an AAFA-certified cardio-dance workout designed by Jason Layden, which infuses dance into the body-shaping power of plyometrics. Plyometrics are exercises that make muscles use maximum exertion and strength in the briefest time possible, usually through rapid, high-intensity movements. The ultimate aim of plyometrics is to dramatically improve one's athletic performance.

Westmoreland Media has expressed its goal of crafting a strong brand message that brings PlyoJam to the next level: creating a solid foundation for this fast-expanding company through "lean marketing strategy" and encouraging discussion about PlyoJam and its founder, Jason Layden.

Layden discusses his choice of Westmoreland Media: "As PlyoJam garners more attention and finds new fans of dance with plyometrics, we need to have a creative strategy ready to propel us forward beyond the spotlight and into a revolution for people who didn't know they could be passionate about exercise anymore - we want to reignite that spark for them, to find fun in movement and love for their bodies. Westmoreland Media will help us bring that enthusiasm to our audience."

"We are excited to be able to provide our services to PlyoJam, and aid in the maturation of the company as it grows into a nationally-recognized fitness brand," said Alex Paris, founder and Creative Director of Westmoreland Media. "We will be helping PlyoJam to gain the traction it needs to get this workout to the world."

About PlyoJam:
PlyoJam is an innovative new fitness workout dedicated to getting you in the best shape of your life. It combines a true cardio dance format with a carefully choreographed plyometrics infusion to create the ideal body shape you're after while having a great time. Sensing a need in the current marketplace for modern cardio-dance fitness that focused on burning calories, PlyoJam was born out of Layden's devotion to making being healthy more than just a trend - he wants people to rediscover the thrill of exercise. You can check out the company website at www.plyojam.com.

About Westmoreland Media:
Westmoreland Media provides clients with a single touch-point for all of their business's marketing and communications needs. Westmoreland Media's broad range of services are crucial to fulfilling any client's plans for their company's future. The agency's capabilities range from start-up details, like building a meaningful brand and crafting a business plan, to mature brand expansion, such as creating a comprehensive marketing strategy and producing high-quality media content, as well as numerous other specialized business services they offer. Discover the company website at www.wmlm.co for more information.

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