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EU changes within the plumbing industry have come into effect. New standards have been set for energy consumption in Domestic Circulating Pumps.

There are major industry changes for plumbers to be aware of. That is according to North Wales plumbing merchants Collister & Glover.

The EU new Eco-Design Directive, the ErP Directive EC 641/2009, started in January 2013 and set new standards for energy consumption in Domestic Circulating Pumps.

Approximately 10 to 15 percent of the electricity consumption of an average household is used by domestic heating circulators. The overwhelming majority of these consist of fixed three speed standard circulators.

The purpose of the new EU legislation is to significantly reduce the energy consumption. In 2015 these strict requirements will be enforced even more.

To date there was only the choice of purchasing an inexpensive inefficient standard circulator with high energy consumption, or selecting a modern high efficiency pump which was quite costly but very energy saving.

However, there are now more cost effective products available.

John Collister, Managing Director of Collister & Glover said the changes were quite big within the industry.

"To be truthful not many domestic users will appreciate the change. It does have a major impact on the heating market. From January 2013 the new rules came in which affect all glandless circulators and everyone who has a heating system at home will have a glandless circulator on that. When that pump needs replacing you cannot replace with an exact pump of the old type. It's all to do with efficiency and the new models will fit in the same gap as the old pump but they will be much more efficient. It has to be better for all of us in the long term if we get these energy efficient products into place and out to customer as soon as we possibly can".

Domestic heating circulators have seen a dramatic technology leap in recent years and it is believed by experts that this new legislation will save homeowners' energy costs in the long run.

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