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Plenty Of New Short Stories - Coming Soon On Story Time For Kids!

Kids who love to read now have ample reasons to rejoice. Story Time For Kids is all set to launch a new lot of digital short stories - which would be available for download at all leading online app stores.

Story Time For Kids, the much loved storytelling app for children between the age-group of three to fifteen, is all set to become even better. Teknowledge Software, the developer of this iPhone app for kids, is all set to release an all-new series of short stories for the application. If your child liked Story Time earlier, (s)he will be absolutely delighted with it now!

Keeping with the general nature of the earlier short stories on this fun-meets-learning app for kids, the new set would offer a blend of thrills, excitement and subtle life messages. Among the stories in the pipeline, timeless classics like King Solomon's Mines and Black Beauty are present. There are many fresh ones as well, like the tale of the little Ninja robot. Story Time For Kids has always been successful in keeping children, and often, parents, hooked - and the soon-to-be-released stories will breathe a fresh lease of life to this already popular app.

The staff at Teknowledge Software are leaving no stone unturned, to ensure that the new tales on the storytelling app for kids meets up to the expectations of the latter. Each page of the stories will have bright, lively illustrations - created by using the latest app development graphics. The audio narration would have a professional touch to it, with just the right modulations to suit each character's voice. The usual feature of kids being able to tap on text, to find out word-meanings and learn their pronunciation will be present too. After all, Story Time For Kids has been recognized as the best iPhone app for kids for some time now - and chances of it disappointing users are practically zero.

To cement its position as the leading iPhone application development company in India, Teknowledge Mobile Studio is trying to reach out to even more children through Story Time. All the new short stories will have hindi versions as well, apart from the usual English illustrations. Care has been taken to make sure that the translation is completely error-free. The narration or the Hindi texts - there won't be a mistake in anything!

Price had never been a factor for parents looking to buy digital fairy tales for Story Time For Kids - and the new shorts will be even more competitively priced. On the iTunes store, buyers would find them listed under the in-app purchase options on the application page. The stories would also be featured on Blackberry App World and Google Play Store. Whatever might be the mobile application development platform on your smartphone - you will get the right version of this storytelling app for kids, with ease.

App developers from the mobile application development company have requested parents who already have Story Time For Kids installed on their phones/tablets, to kindly upgrade to the latest version of the app. Once that is done, there would be no risk of the new stories getting lost - after you have purchased them. Of course, the stories will be accompanied with a complete set of games, interactive puzzles and other additional features. Kids will stay occupied, they would enjoy the simple yet captivating narration styles, and would be helped in improving their fluency in English too.

The announcement of the new short stories in the pipeline for Story Time For Kids is a decidedly welcome one, and that too, at the start of the New Year. Story Time is one of the finest iPhone apps for kids, and buyers indeed expect such pleasant surprises from it, from time to time!

Find out all about the Story Time For Kids mobile application, by going through http://www.storytimeforkids.info/. If you have any queries, feel free to contact us at support@storytimeforkids.info or info@teks.co.in. You can also call us up, at (033)40649087. The app promises many new stories in the new year, much to the delight of kids from all over the world!

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