PlanPlus Launches German Version Of Software At Berlin Financial Planner Forum

PlanPlus announced today the release of its PlanPlus Planit financial planning software for Germany.

"Since the global economic crisis the regulator in Europe has been raising the requirements for advisors to better understand their clients and place the client's interest first", said Zoltan Luttenberger, Head of European Operations for PlanPlus. "There is no better way to do this than through proper financial planning, and no better tool than PlanPlus Planit." In addition to his role at PlanPlus Zoltan is also a member of the Financial Planning Association's Global Advisory Council, and runs a Fiduciary Financial Life Planner practice.

"PlanPlus is now working with planners in over 30 countries worldwide and in every new country we have learned important lessons from the local planners and shared global best practices embodied in our software and training with them", said Shawn Brayman, President of PlanPlus. "Working here in Germany with firms like FinaMetrica from Australia, global leaders in psychometric risk profiling and authors like Carl Richards who have made understanding financial concepts easier to understand with his book The Behaviour Gap has been very rewarding."

"It is a very exciting time for financial planning in Europe and our software should be a natural choice with its multiple language and country capabilities, all built to the highest global planning standards", said Maria-Luise Neuper, VP Product Usability and Training at PlanPlus. "The European Union is the best example in the world today of how globalization is redefining our understanding of traditional borders. Zoltan and our team here in Europe with their ability to cover off a number of European, Eastern European and Arabic languages to provide local support and training will be crucial to our success."