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Plan Your 80% Off Christmas Trip - YourtTrip

You are invited to celebrate Christmas with Macingaz Group in 2012.

In the end of this year,many people and family are preparing for the annual holiday.Enjoy a big Christmas Dinner,get together for a memorable party,receive lots of discounted or free gifts.It's also an important time to plan and schedule a next year's upcoming things.If someone is fond of traveling,there is a great news for him in this Christmas Day.

Macingaz Group announces that they would like to celebrate Christmas with all of us,"We Wish You a 100% Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!"they put this news on their Blog.

This celebration start from now on to Dec. 22nd.

Software Give Away(worth $19.99 each one):
The top 20 followers who answer that activity article on Macingaz Group Blog,can freely get a dreaming app - YourtTrip to plan,keep and manage their trips in a better way whole life time.

Heavy Discount:
It is a great chance for backpackers,travelers or trekkers to have a wonderful program for their memorable journeys.Enjoy 80% Off price to plan the itinerary,packing,budget,expenses and photos of the trips.How to get it?Go to Mac App Store and search "YourtTrip" and it will pop up to meet the travelers.

A rare chance to get this Dreaming Travel Route Planner,just feel free to have it at:

About Macingaz Group
This is a team specializing in developing the software on Mac/iPhone/iPad.
Like most of you, we love our lives and keep the passion on trip.Currently they are concentrating on an travel route application to help traveler plan their trips.They focus on the user experience. If you have any questions about YourtTrip, please feel free to contact

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