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Pioneering Launching Technology Boosts Pigging Efficiency

Pioneering pigging technology allows multiple pig launching with existing pipe gear. Longstanding pipeline networks additionally to the installation of new lines over long distance and within more hostile environments has increased the market for inn

Pioneering pigging technology enables multiple pigging launches along with standard pipeline gear. Existing pipeline networks and the installing of new lines over cross continent and within more hostile environments will have fuelled the market for innovative pigging technology.

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Pigging equipment is fundamental to clear blockages and collecting fluid samples. It is also essential by ensuring flow is maintained and rust minimised. Pipeline pig activities are time consuming and can interrupt production and operations.UK oil industries Technology Facilitator released a statementfor tech proposals to increase capacity and productivity. Participants identified bullet-proof flow surity aspects as critical.

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Getting rid of accumulated pipe liquids withpipeline equipment as an alternative to conventional sphere-launching methods has grown natural-gas flow efficiencies over than 90% from 15% in 200 miles of a high-pressure gathering system. The developed efficiencies increased capacity on two legs of the system by greater than 20 MMcfd and allowed operator GPM Gas Corp to shift gas amongst three processing plants in the the region. This gas-flow shift enhanced plant production and reduces operating costs.

Ensuring continuity is also inherent to optimizing inline pigging equipment. The first part of two articles (OGJ, 2008) described the three steps of this procedure: Assesment, Quantification and Identification. Assessment - A simple finite-element analysis. Quantification - Ultrasonic thickness measurement and Scan B results. Step 3 - A magnetic-flux leakage intelligent pig report.

A simple economic procedure applied to NGL pipelines can help operators determine-based on the type, shape, and position of any abnormalities detected during periodic magnetic-flux leakage pigging- whether to shut the pipeline for repair or continue operations.The first part of two articles (OGJ, , 2008, p. 80) described the steps of the procedure: Identification. A magnetic-flux leakage intelligent pig report and ultrasonic Scan B testing located the defect. Quantification. Scan B results use gammagraphic inspection to find the the causes size and location on the pipe's wall.

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