Brings Cookbooks Into 21st Century with Recent Launch

At the newly launched Ultimate Adobo Recipe Generator app at, users can now get adobo recipes that are automatically generated based on user preferences.

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Cookbooks now have a new presence in the 21st century with the launch of's first recipe generator system - The Ultimate Adobo Recipe Generator. This is an easy, fun and interactive system that lets users generate adobo recipes by selecting certain adobo recipe properties. is on a mission to take traditional cookbooks and recipes into a new age by letting cutting edge technology generate recipes based on user preferences. Adobo is a traditional filipino dish that has thousands of variations, which made it the perfect choice for this first foray into the development of interactive recipe generation technologies. The Ultimate Adobo Recipe Generator now provides a way for users to explore all these adobo variations. This is the first in a series of products that aim to improve the user experience of recipe searching.

The ultimate adobo recipe generator is a first of a series of products that will develop that is targetted towards the growing population segment that live in condominiums and small apartments. This segment was seen to require convenience products like mobile handset and tablet based cooking information sources (i.e. cookbooks and recipe lists.). With the advent of mobile technologies it has become more convenient to store cook books and recipe sources in mobile devices. Being able to generate recipes from user choices make the task of searching and selecting recipes easier.

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