Pilates Instructors Co-author Pioneering Book Introducing Young People to Pilates

Celeste Corey-Zopich of Pilates Staten Island, New York co-authors pioneering book that provides guidance and a curriculum on introducing young people to Pilates. She is the only Pilates instructor in New York City credentialed to train fellow Pilat

Pilates Staten Island's owner\director Celeste Corey-Zopich is pleased to announce that a book she co-authored, "Teaching Pilates to Children and Adolescents, a Manual of Guidelines and Curriculum," is being published this month. The book, the first of its kind, assists Pilates professionals and others, such as teachers and coaches, in teaching Pilates to young people - both effectively and safely.

"Children are not small adults and cannot be taught exercise, like Pilates, the same way adults are taught, and that is what brought me to becoming an author," said Corey-Zopich. Handspring Publishers is the publisher of the book.

This book, combined with her goal of offering more continuing education classes and workshops for Pilates instructors and allied professionals, especially in the area of youth development, is bringing her business and ultimately her passion for her trade to its next level.

"Pilates is a growing profession. As the owner of a studio and an instructor involved on the national and international level of this trade, I strongly believe that our young people should be introduced to all that Pilates has to offer. This is not only my vision, but was the vision of the man who created the Pilates method, Joseph Pilates. He wrote a chapter in his book "Your Health" that was dedicated to youth and titled - "First Educate the Child", " continued Corey-Zopich.

Pilates improves posture, balance, coordination, agility, strength, and instills proper breathing into your daily routine. "The benefits of practicing Pilates transcend every part of a child's life. Pilates helps with academics, sports, and a variety of extracurricular and even ordinary activities that children regularly engage in," said Corey-Zopich.

Celeste routinely conducts training courses - internationally and nationally - for individual Pilates teachers, studio owners, and others who have an exercise science and/or movement background looking to work with the youth population.

Upcoming scheduled training sessions for Celeste include: A course, "Programming Pilates for Youth" sponsored by the Pilates Method Alliance, June 25-27, in Berkley, California.

In May of 2014 Celeste will be traveling to Israel as a mentor as well as to teach Pilates workshops and private lessons. The workshops will include, "Teaching Pilates to Children and Adolescents", and 3 from the "Back to Basics and Then Some" series. These will include "The Mat according to Joseph Pilates", "The Chair, small apparatus - huge repertoire", and "The small Barrels".

About Celeste -The owner/director of PILATES STATEN ISLAND, Celeste Corey-Zopich, is a former dancer classically trained in ballet and Martha Graham technique. She studied and performed with the Clive Thompson Dance Company, and also studied under the direction of Ms. Ellen Tharp of the Staten Island Ballet. It was her dance background that inspired her love for Pilates. Celeste initially studied the STOTT™ method of Pilates and received her certificate of comprehensive training (all apparatus and mat). From that introduction she realized her personal desire to discover the origins and learn the method as designed by its creator, Mr. J.H. Pilates. Celeste enhanced her training through study either privately and/or in small workshop settings with Pilates 1st generation teachers; Mary Bowen, Lolita San Miguel, Kathy Grant, and Ron Fletcher. In 2005 she sat for her national credentialing examination and became one of the first nationally certified, PMA- CPT's. (All of the initial teachers who sat for the test did so prior to the publication of the official study guide). Celeste currently teaches private lessons and mat classes at the studio, teaches workshops locally and internationally, acts as assistant to Mary Bowen when requested, has co-authored the upcoming book on teaching Pilates to children and adolescents, serves on the Board of Directors and various committees for the Pilates Method Alliance ®, and raises her two beautiful children ages 7 and 12.

Celeste specializes in "perceptive movement analysis." With her unique ability to analyze how her clients move (or don't move), through visual and tactile measures, she has been successful in advancing significant postural improvement, post-rehabilitative recovery, body shape changes, and overall wellbeing and health improvements. It can't be denied that the improvements come through the use of the method and the genius of Joe Pilates. Celeste has been teaching since 1999 and calls her work the Integrated Classical Pilates Method (ICPM). The work is defined by the classical vocabulary with additional emphasis from contemporary methodology. Celeste is also a Reiki Master Level practitioner and teacher!

As a member of the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA®), Celeste runs her two studios and teacher training program according the guidelines set forth by the national, non-profit organization. All of her instructors are comprehensively trained and required to sit for the PMA® national credentialing examination. Celeste had the great pleasure of serving on the Item Writing committee for the PMA®, writing questions for the national examination in 2007. As of August 2008, she passed nomination for the PMA® Board of Directors and served her first year as Secretary of the Board.

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