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Physical Therapy Center Champions Wellness with Practical and Proactive Services

Located in New Britain, Connecticut, the Center of Medical Arts offers a range of therapeutic solutions and services to heal and manage pain, as well as promote overall well-being

Activating healing and the proper functioning of the body, there are approved therapies and practices that are geared towards overall recovery and optimum health. While medical science has paved the way for various medications, treatments and cures, the benefits of relief and overall wellness are experienced by patients who opt for the therapeutic approach.

The Center of Medical Arts is a full service wellness clinic with skilled professionals offering personal and medical care. From acupuncture to massage and physical therapy, CMA offers resources, training, skill and determination to help injuries through pain management, as well as orthopedic or sports injury healing.

"Here at the Center of Medical Arts, we take an entirely proactive approach to help you live healthier, longer, and more comfortably. A pain-free existence, if you will, with the coping skills to better manage unavoidable stress and avoid unnecessary ailments," said CMA President Muna Swairjo, PT, CLT, CI, emphasizing the Center as "a place of wellness".

Advocating a lifestyle of wellness, the Center of Medical Arts offers a wide range of services for pain management, orthopedic care or sports injury healing. Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Laser Therapy, Endermologie, Gait and Orthotics, as well as Decompression services are carefully aligned to match patients' specific needs.

The Center of Medical Arts is based in New Britain, Connecticut, which allows Physical Therapy, though the DIRECT ACCESS legislation, for the evaluation and treatment of patients prior to consultation with a physician. Physical Therapists at CMA are experts in evaluating a patient's musculoskeletal condition; and if appropriate, safely and effectively treating each of them.

The medical and professional staff at the Center of Medical Arts is committed to the well-being of their patients. They help educate patients and are willing to answer all questions relating to the services rendered. The team also guides them through the often frustrating process of completing necessary insurance, legal and other applicable forms.

To find out more about the Center of Medical Arts serving patients in New Britain, Connecticut, please visit for information.

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