Photography Business Riches Shares the Direct Response Method for Attracting Clients is a website that provides individuals in the photography business a wealth of expert marketing advice toward a successful and lucrative source of income.

People who are genuinely interested in taking original images, are keen about owning the right equipment, and possess the technical skills to take great pictures have what it takes to become successful at their hobby. Making a living out of photography, however, is a totally different story. The photography business requires more than an eye for great subjects and angles; it entails knowledge and tested capabilities in, among other things, how to market photography.

It is no secret, however, that many photographers are relying on referrals to get new clients, when they could be using effective marketing systems to bring in more high-paying clients and multiplying their profits very quickly. There are self-confessed "gurus" who claim to know the ins and outs of how to start a photography business and marketing, but actually teach ineffective methods that do not deliver the promised results.

Photography Business Riches is all about cutting through all the unproven theories of marketing and business building that flood blog and book pages today. The website serves as an online how to marketing photography guide, Photography Business Riches is the brainchild of Dane Berger, a professional Australian marketer who specialises in helping photographers to get more clients, as well as double or even triple their average client value.

"Whether you're new to the Photography Business, or a photographer who has been in the industry for decades, I can help you to bring in more profits while working less hours and having loads more fun doing it! Using my specialised marketing techniques for photographers, you'll be able to easily have yourself booked out for months in advance," Dane Berger says.

Photography Business Riches suggests for photography business owners seeking success to turn to a totally different type of advertising. Instead of using "image-based advertising" - which is used in 99% of advertisements that feature images - photography entrepreneurs should make a total switch to "direct response advertising" in all their marketing efforts.

According to Photography Business Riches, direct response advertising starts with an attention-getting headline that gets people interested enough, that they keep on reading without realizing it. By stating one's edge over others in the photography arena, and by always speaking in terms of "what do they get out of it," customers will be faced with a compelling offer that will want to make then take action, which should be followed by a response that includes contact details.

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