Phoenix Video Production Company Offers Specialist Video Services at Affordable Rates

K-Video is a professionally managed company that offers a wide range of video services including production and post production.

K-Video is a Phoenix based company that offers video services for a wide range of purposes including independent medical examinations, inspection and testing, marketing, product demonstration, yearbooks, training tapes, seminars, etc.

They also undertake video production jobs for legal purposes especially those relating to settlement, living wills, surveillance, day-in-the-life etc. "Sometimes, legal plaints require the plaintiff to provide an accurate and day to day portrayal of their life, including their eating, shopping, and living habits. We cover these routines to help people present their case. In cases relating to settlements or compensations, we show the loss and suffering caused to the plaintiff, their friends and family so as to provide compelling evidence," says a spokesperson for K-Video. Their service is also used to record disposition of wills, pre-nuptial agreements, power of attorneys, etc. Defects and damages in a product that are presented through videos have a better appeal as evidence. Alternatively, their services are also used by companies to test the efficiency of product by documenting the tests conducted on different platforms.

Among their commercial video services, K-Video helps customers to present their educational videos, seminars, competitions, informational videos, etc. Their commercial projects are quite sophisticated and inclusive of multi camera productions, project planning, scripting, free consultation etc. As for post production work, the Phoenix videographers offer to edit, sync and copy from one format to the other.

About K-Video:

K-Video is a Phoenix video production company with more than 3 decades of experience as legal video providers. They are certified as Certified Legal Video Specialists through the National Court Reporters Association and adhere to stringent standards set by them.

To know more, visit, http://www.k-video.com/


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