Phinditt - Best Place to Post your Free Classifieds Online is a FREE online classified website. They offer multi-postings in different cities, embedded code promotion, integrated sharing features and more. is a FREE online classified website. They offer multi-postings in different cities, embedded code promotion, integrated sharing features and more. Phinditt was developed to allow people to create, and view online classified ads free of charge. Their platform gives your ad(s) nationwide as well as worldwide visibility. Also this platform is used to enhance the satisfaction for users by offering promotional methods such as embedded images, bulletin, post, etc.
Great thing in this is that they offer a suggestion box where users can have a chance to interact with Phinditt team. They are giving the best secure and safer place for all users. Some of the features they allow are videos, ads, bulletins, blogging, messaging, developer apps, user feedback, music, ratings, and much more. You can even meet new people here to share everything.
Their main vision is to provide the needs to their users and the guests. They are maintaining a solid relationship with all users. Their main Values are Trust, Commitment, Loyalty, Honor and Dedication. Phinditt is called a social "all site" that helps people communicate on many levels.
After feeling disappointed with the online classified sites that were currently on the web in 2008 , Anthony and Andrew two 19 year old college students decided to give people a way to "Phind what they're looking for" , just a simple system that would help people find things locally or worldwide, Anthony and Andrew were set on what they wanted to do with the idea , and started to work on the first mock-up design, with little money in there pockets they both put together what little money they had to get a programmer that would help them get the site up and running after going through several design changes , the two brothers finally came across a new modern web 2.0 look for the launching of phinditt. Phinditt received its first investment in 2008. Anthony and Andrew decided that no matter how big the site became they would never charge users or guest to pay to use the site. There is no required registration for phinditt, its very user friendly. Both subscribers and the number of postings grew rapidly in the middle of 2009, Anthony knew he would have to put school on the backburner. Phinditt allows users to flag a posting that appears to violate the site's policies. Andrew thought of adding a suggestion box to the homepage of phindit to see what users really wanted to see on the site, Phinditt got great feedback from users and started to get thousands of suggestions a day. Phinditt offers users HTML embedded sharing codes to help users promote their ads on social websites. Anthony says "Phinditt works because we allow the people to find whats being offered in their community or the community around them"
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