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Philadelphia Students Take Black History Education to Ontario

OFC will be escorting seventh graders from Global Leadership Academy Charter School (GLACS) trip through all major Underground Railroad sites in Niagara, Chatham-Kent, Windsor and Detroit.

Ontario's Fun Connection (OFC), the receptive tour operator for Southwestern Ontario, has planned the trip of a lifetime for Philadelphia students starting April 7 to 11, 2014.

Being the fifth year in a row GLACS has used OFC for their school trip planner, we are excited to bring tourism to Chatham-Kent and use local businesses in our itinerary, every year. We are also pleased to play our part in educating youth about black heritage, and Canada's role in the journey towards ending slavery.

We pride ourselves in offering exceptional out-of-classroom learning experiences for students and are excited for the opportunity to extend our services to our neighboring Americans!

In this educational tour, the children of GLACS will participate in educational activities and guided tours through the municipalities three key sites: Black Mecca Exhibit, Uncle Tom's Cabin and Buxton National Historic Site and Museum. The trip will also include other fun and local activities such as: horseback riding at TJ Stables and a catered campfire meal from Blazin BBQ.

Quotes from OFC Owner Doug Jackson:

"Most of the time, people who come to this area and see these sights and at the end of the trip, they look at me and look at each other and say, 'I had no idea!' They really don't know the depth of the history here and how intimately intwined it is in American and North American history."

"We take them to TJ Stables for horseback riding. They don't see horses in downtown Philadelphia. The very first time they see animals this big up close is here."

"Last year, I broke into tears. A young girl from the visiting tour took it upon herself to learn 'O Canada,' and she sang it a cappella. It's one of those moments you hold onto."

Boiler Plate:

We live what we sell.

Ontario's Fun Connection is the receptive tour operator for the region of southwestern Ontario. We have been successful at creating customized, experiential trips for groups for the past decade and are passionate about the wonderful and unique joys of this region. From educational trips to wine tours, we have built strong relationship with industry stakeholders and are experts in what this region has to offer

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