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Pharmaceutical Industry Is Demanding for New Cosmetic Tube Packaging

Now, as more and more personal care and beauty products companies selected plastic tube as their product packaging, the tube suppliers like Auber have increased investment in the category and performance improvement

Now, as more and more personal care and beauty products companies selected plastic tube as their product packaging, the tube suppliers like Auber have increased investment in the category and performance improvement. Our goal is to further improve the increasingly popular tube packaging functionality and appearance.

With the increasing demand of cosmeticsЎЇ efficacy, more advanced technology tube packaging is required to fit for cosmetics products with more advanced formulations. Nowadays, skin care products and cosmetics are becoming increasingly sophisticated and complex. Those products with innovative formulation require tubes with equally innovative technology to package them. The tube packaging suppliers are also being developed new product specifications to helping customers to develop more marketing.

Why tube packaging become so popular?

Squeeze tube packaging used widely because of its easy-to- take , versatile , easy to place reasonable specialty packaging solutions to become a wide variety of products that choice , especially personal care products industry has become a long-term preference for packaging. Today, consumers have loved to tube those presented in the form of various types of trendy skin care products.

In order to meet market expectations , cosmetic tube packaging suppliers keep trying to broaden its product category, and at the same time focus on improving innovative design, extension,packing size, etc. making the common tube packaging to a new level. With the continuous improvement of the delicacy of the tube package , more personal care companies have started to notice that the steering tube packaging from other packaging is able to get a lot of benefits.

Tube packaging is indeed a good choice, Distributor Mary Kay Cosmetics Packaging Company believes that. This company is looking for 16 mm mounted TimeWise Targeted-Action Anti-Aging Revitalizing Essence packaging ,originally designed for the similar packaging style ballpoint pen , when they find World Wide Packaging companies seeking help, finally decided to use a tube packaging. This tube has seven kinds of components, including pipe , tube head and cap made of a material such as polypropylene , it makes Mary Kay products immediately apparent efficacy . " Out of the market cycle , mold manufacturing costs and product uniqueness and other considerations , Mary Kay company decided to replace the package ," Jeffrey Hayet , Executive Vice President of Worldwide Sales World Wide Packaging Companies memories.

In the very beginning, the tubes are made of Aluminum or Tin. Until the 1940s, the aluminum tube has been developed. It becomes popular rapidly due to its good barrier property. After that, plastic tubes arisen in 1950s and thealuminum plastic laminated tube came out in 1960s. It has been applied into toothpaste packaging in 1970s, and applied into the ointment packaging in 1980s.

In recent two years, cosmetics are also beginning to use the aluminum plastic laminated tubes as packaging. Auber Packaging Co., Ltd. has taken the lead in the introduction of aluminum plastic laminated tubing equipments and went into mass production since 2011.

What is aluminum plastic laminated tube? Firstly, we squeeze the high barrier property of aluminum foil and plastic with flexible and resistant properties to be co-extruded to sheets, then they are gone through the tubing machines to be aluminum plastic laminated tubes. Its characteristics are anti-flex, anti-cracking, high barrier property, without the influence of solvent residue, fit for beautiful printing.

The application of aluminum plastic laminated tube in Pharmaceutical packaging is the main products, which is supported by Chinese Ў¶tenth 5-year development plan in Pharmaceutical packaging industryЎ·. Many Chinese domestic enterprises are speeding up in researching its application.

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