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Pet Training Academy Reveals Tips for Training Any Animal

Privately owned pet training school claims that every animal has the ability to learn from dogs to pigs and reveals their tips for being successful with training.

Privately owned pet training school claims that every animal has the ability to learn and reveals tips used by professional trainers. Since opening in May of 2013 MJ's Pet Training Academy has been stepping outside of what might be considered normal practices in the rapidly growing pet care industry to provide services that make a big impact on the lives of people and animals. Their offerings include everything from obedience to trick training along with personalized pet grooming services. Owner and founder Melissa Viera opened the business at age 22 to achieve her goal of making a difference in the lives of people and animals. Long before MJ's Pet Training Academy was born, life long animal lover Melissa Viera was on her way to a promising career in the field of animals. Before the age of 16 she had already achieved competitive titles, performed demos for numerous venues, and was active in the grooming and training community.

MJ's Pet Training Academy's services go beyond basic obedience training, and they are one of few training schools that also teach dogs scent discrimination, skateboarding, basketball, and much more. They also can design programs to teach owners of other species how to train their pets including but not limited to pigs, cats and rabbits. "Obedience training is essential for today's pets, but why limit training to just obedience? Our canine companions are capable of so much more and giving them activities is the same thing as us having activities that we enjoy. Can you imagine if all of your opportunities to engage your mind, socialize, and have fun were taken away even for a short time? You might just end up chewing shoes and digging up the sofa too!", says Viera.

Watching the animals being trained might look like a magic show, but Viera claims that there is no trickery involved, and the methods used are actually quite straightforward. MJ's Pet Training Academy trains animals through the use of positive reinforcement and teaches pet owners how to use these skills with their own pets. Viera believes that these training skills should be accessible to all pet owners. "If you want to begin training with your pet don't feel intimated by all of the information out there", says Viera. "Positive methods are actually a lot of fun to learn and use."

Melissa Viera believes that training should be a bonding experience between pets and owners, and that it deepens the communication between human and animal. She reveals a few of her tips for being successful with any animal; "The training methods are simple to use once you get the hang of it. You can teach your pet just about anything whether it be obedience or tricks. You can also stop undesired behaviors for example jumping on people, or pulling on the leash. Start off by breaking behaviors up into small parts and rewarding your pet for their successes. It is sort of like a puzzle. Your pet will figure out what works and what doesn't, and do more of what pays off. Keep training sessions brief and always pay close attention to your pet. You never want to push them to the point of frustration or do too many repetitions in the beginning. Be patient with your animal and have realistic expectations. You are learning to communicate with your pet in a whole new way. It will take some practice for them to get the idea and become better learners. Teach your pet new things often to improve your training skills and deepen communication. There are always new things you can teach your pet for fun including tricks. Set goals along the way and have fun with it. Sometimes you just have to have a good sense of humor!"

MJ's Pet Training Academy has been open for over a year and continues to spread the word about positive training for all animals. Currently they provide services at their training studio, but they also provide free training tips and videos on their blog. They hope to offer an online training program by 2016.

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