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Pet Industry Rep Enviroment Over Conviences

Billy set out to accomplish two goals: improving the lives of pets and saving the world in which we live.


Former Wisconsin native, William Hoekman recently moved to the Pacific Northwest where attitudes toward nutrition and the environment are more in line with his own. Billy, as he is known by his colleagues and customers represents Answers Pet Food, manufacturers of Raw Frozen Diets for Dogs and Cats, as well as Additional Raw Goat Milk, also for dogs and cats.

Known for their uncompromising quality, nutritional, and environmental standards, Answers has been recognized as "the best pet food you can buy - 2013" by Susan Thixon's, Truth About Pet Food. Because of this, it is no wonder that Billy and Answers have gravitated towards one another.

Unlike most of the representatives in the pet industry, Billy chooses to take advantage of public transportation to make sales calls throughout his territory. Utilizing the BOLT system and other forms of public transit, Billy is doing his part to provide pets with the ultimate in nutrition while preserving the environment at the same time.

Discouraged by the state of the pet food industry, Billy had resorted to making his pet's meals prior to discovering Answers. Due to the his appreciation for Answers products Billy offered to represent the Answers line throughout the Pacific Northwest encouraging pet owners and retailers to learn more about the products he feeds and believes in.

In doing so, Billy set out to accomplish this mission while holding true to his environmental goals. Having sold his car and making the commitment to use public transportation exclusively, Billy trades convenience for a cleaner environment on a daily basis. With the exception of a single account, Billy is able to effectively cover his territory without the use of a car accomplishing two goals: improving the lives of pets and saving the world in which we live.

Billy considers his travel preference as a step toward positive change rather than an inconvenience. The fact that it takes more time to get to accounts using public transportation has inspired Billy to make his calls more productive as well as efficient. Achieving maximum results in a single visit is yet another way energy is being saved by this conservation conscious individual.

Answers, a green certified company, possibly the only one in the pet food industry, takes pride in its association with Billy. Packaging their products exclusively in compostable or recyclable materials, Answers exemplifies the environmental attitude of an ecological conscious community and Billy exemplifies the passion and attitude of Answers. Answers Pet Food - Susan Thixon's Best Pet Food You Can Buy - 2013

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