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Accidents on the road as a driver, passenger, and pedestrian or as a cyclist can be fatal. Recently a cyclist was killed in a hit and run incident in Tallebugera Bridge on the Gold Coast Highway. Cyclist Kenneth Gibbons was just 41, and was a father of three from Palm Beach, Gold Coast Queensland.

Fighting for people's rights is an everyday job for a personal injury lawyer Canberra. For families left shattered by a death or a serious injury legal help is at hand to help fight for the losses and compensation due.

Hit and run incidents are not uncommon. The responsible party usually has reason to leave the scene for fear of getting in trouble. It has been assumed that hit and run drivers are under the influence of alcohol or drugs and fear they will lose their licence or be imprisoned as per compensation injury lawyers Canberra.

Palm Beach police described the driver as "Callous" and has urged him to come forward. They are appealing for witnesses. Compensation lawyers Canberra say:- "What happens in a hit and run incident is that compensation is still payable under a government scheme where the driver is unknown". The scheme covers cases like this and compensation is awarded to the family.

Of course the police will do everything they can to catch the driver in question. However this is not always possible.

Even if a person doesn't have the money for a lawyer when it comes to personal injury lawyers Canberra they may be able to engage their services under a no win no fee arrangement. No win no fee lawyers Canberra run the claim and covers all the up-front and ongoing costs of running the claim. Such compensation injury lawyers Canberra will schedule a list of losses and damages. Much of the legal work goes into the preparation of the claim and how it has affected persons' health and well being.

If a person is unable to return to work for example, they are suffering injuries that are permanent or debilitating then there is a good chance they will be awarded compensation for past, present and future economic losses. This may include future loss of wages or salary, future foreseeable expenses such as wheelchairs or home modifications, home help and so forth as per no win no fee workers compsation lawyer.

If you have been injured in car accident or from a work injury or slip trip or fall in a public place it is very important to get the right advice. Contact Personal Injury Compensation Lawyers Canberra today who are ready to take your call.

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