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Periodontist Discusses Study Reports On Tumor Fighting Therapies That Have Adverse Side Effects

While The Chemotherapy Drugs Are Effective In Reducing Tumors, They Can Also Enable Cancer Cells To More Easily Metastasize In Bone Marrow

While chemotherapy drugs become more advanced, a new study finds that though some are effective in stopping further tumor growth they may also cause cancer cells to develop in bone marrow. While this finding is shocking, it is paramount in discovering more effective metastasis prevention drugs. Research is still at the preclininical level, but scientists have already made important strides in fighting cancer growth. Beverly Hills Periodontist Dr. Alex Farnoosh comments, "In my practice, I have seen the complications associated with many types of cancer and how it can effect overall dental health. Advanced gum disease and tooth loss are just some of the problems caused by the spread of cancer. Studies like this are incredibly important for dental professionals to best treat their patients and keep us on the edge of groundbreaking procedures."

Conducted by researchers at the University of Michigan School of Dentistry, scientists found the chemotherapy drug cyclophosphamide, commonly used to inhibit the growth of tumors, could also in some cases take root in bone marrow and allow cancer cells to grow more easily. Though research has not yet discovered why some cancers like prostate and breast metastasize more easily to bones, the study identified a protein called CCL2 as the culprit and were able to reverse the effect it had in allowing cancer cells to develop in bone marrow. Led by Dr. Laurie McCauley, professor in the department of periodontics and oral medicine, the research has already led to new therapies being developed to fight cancer and their ability to spread to bones. The study was published in a paper called; "Cyclophosphamide Creates a Receptive Microenvironment for Prostate Cancer Skeletal Metastasis" featured in the journal Cancer Research.

Because cancer can becomes more aggressive once it metastasizes in bones, this study opens the door for groundbreaking research and development in cancer prevention and early treatment. As a pioneer in the field of periodontal procedures, Dr. Alex Farnoosh is at the forefront of strategies to maintain oral health in all his patients, including those suffering from the effects of cancer. "Because the teeth and gums reflect a person's overall health, those suffering from cancer are especially susceptible to advanced problems like gum disease and decay." Dr. Alex Farnoosh continues, "These problems can cause life long complications even if cancer goes into remission. It is our responsibility to support this research to ensure overall patient wellness."

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