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People Are Raising More Money For Charity By Growing Beards In Manuary

Manuary is the next big beard growing for charity event, only recently organised. The event aims to raise money for research into head and neck cancer, one of the most common types in the world, which receives little attention from the medical commun

Manuary is a fundraising event that takes place throughout January. Men are encouraged to grow beards for the whole of the month, posting pictures of their beards online, whilst being sponsored to maintain them. The event raises money for research into head and neck cancer, an under looked variation which is four times more likely to occur in men than women, hence the event's name.

The reason Manuary raises money for head and neck cancer is due to the cancer affecting sixteen thousand people a year in the UK alone. Unfortunately, head and neck cancer hasn't received as much support as cancers such as bowel and breast cancer, meaning important breakthroughs have never been made to help those suffering with it.

Many companies have pledged their support to the charity, a Customer Service representative from Beard Beanie commented, "We thoroughly support all beard growing charity events, Movember, Decembeard and now Manuary. Manuary is still new and unheard of around the world, but every charity event needs to start somewhere. The goal for the charity this year is to raise twenty five thousand dollars from participants, which is a great goal for a growing charity, and all that money will help provide important research into a cancer that affects so many people around the world."

Manuary may seem like an event only aimed at men, however the charity welcomes women who want to participate to do so in any way they can. Many women purchase a fake beard or beard cap and wear them to pose for photos for their Manuary profile. In this way women can raise money for Manuary and help build the charity up with the support it needs.

Beard Beanie is an online retailer of the original fitted beard hat, the Beard Beanie. They offer Beard Beanies in a wide range of styles and colours to suit everyone, from skiers wanting to keep their faces warm, to someone simply wanting a new head accessory. They support all beard growing charity events, and as part of Decembeard they even donated to charity with every sale they made.

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