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Peart Fencing Secures Membership To The EFIA

UK-based Peart Fencing has recently been awarded membership within the European Fencing Industry Association

In what amounts to be a rewarding professional opportunity and gratifying peer recognition, Peart Fencing has officially joined the ranks of the European Fencing Industry Association. Created specifically for suppliers and contractors working within the fencing industry throughout Europe, the EFIA offers its members invaluable networking and social opportunities that often provide ample fodder for lucrative collaborative endeavours. As with many professional organisations, the EFIA's membership carries with it a level of recognition that serves to inspire confidence and security in customers enlisting the services of a member organisation. Members of the EFIA have found their level of consumer trust and credibility to increase significantly following their introduction to the organisation. Although Peart Fencing has already established themselves within the UK, this move may open further doors within Europe.

Given the tremendous success that Peart Fencing has enjoyed throughout 2013, the offer of membership within the EFIA comes as no surprise. Peart Fencing has recently collaborated with some of the UK's largest event promoters, including the Glastonbury Festival. Peart Fencing's wide range of both pre-fabricated and fully customised fencing products have been integral elements of many high-profile events throughout the United Kingdom.

Based in Wales, the European Fencing Industry Association is populated by some of Europe's premier fencing organisations. The EFIA provides a variety of helpful resources to its members, including invaluable health and safety advice and recent updates regarding European policy and regulation. Membership within the EFIA requires an application process, official financial checks and three references from former customers in order to ensure that each member organisation demonstrates the commitment to customer service and exceptional products that the EFIA champions.

As global networking continues to be a popular buzz word in a variety of industries, organisations such as the EFIA gain increasing relevance. The relationships established within the EFIA can be used to ensure that the fencing industry remains a dynamic, evolving climate, capable of adapting to the shifting needs of world economies and the fast-paced timelines that so many businesses have begun to adopt.

Peart Fencing's involvement in the EFIA is one of several partnerships the company has developed in recent years. Peart Fencing is poised to deliver exceptional results to their ever-evolving client base throughout 2014. With a number of significant contracts already in place, it's no surprise that Peart Fencing is reaping the benefits of their hard work and exceptional commitment to quality performance.

Peart Fencing offers complete fencing solutions to businesses and individuals across the UK.

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