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Pawcode Brings QR Code Pet Tags for Mobile Identification for Pet Owner's Peace of Mind offers the Pawcode Pet Quick Response Tag with a unique 2-dimensional QR Code (Barcode) engraved that leads to a dedicated webpage for the pet.

As more and more people realize the benefits of having animals as companions, many pet owns are finding ways to keep their beloved friends safe and well cared for. Keeping record of the pet is a pet owner's responsibility, and Pawcode Australia makes this task easy with its innovative pet tags.

More than just the conventional pet ID Tags, Pawcode's pet tag comes with a unique Quick Response or QR Code that is scanned with a smartphone to launch a webpage that stores key information about the pet. The QR code engraved on silicone or metal tag is where the pet's comprehensive profile, including his or her name, photos, medical problems, vet details and owner contact details are stored, viewed and updated.

Detailed at, QR Codes are read by software, commonly referred to as a QR Reader, which are installed in most new smartphones or easily downloadable and often free. I-Nigma is the most common QR Code reader that can be obtained from App Store or Mobile Web.

By visiting, pet owners all over Australia can sign up with a username and password, and then purchase their Pawcode Pet QR Tags and at the checkout. If the product is purchased as a gift, the recipient's email address should be entered and a password needs to be set up.

Pawcode will dispatch the purchased Pet QR Tag within 24 hours. Upon receiving it, owners are required to log on to and upload all the key information about their pet. They can also include up to 4 photos. Each Pawcode Pet QR Tag can decide freely about the information they want to include on the webpage, and update it whenever necessary, such as when changing address or telephone numbers. Facebook & Twitter share options are also offered.

Even without a smartphone, the dedicated webpage containing pertinent pet information can still be viewed and updated. Pet owners simply need to type in the URL listed on the tag and entering the unique Pawcode pet tag ID.

Unlike ordinary pet tags and micro-chips, the Pawcode QR tag can be updated instantly by pet owners even when they are on-the-go. It is also perfect for locating or returning missing dogs, cats and other pets because the information contained can be scanned by common technology available to most web and smartphone users.

To find out more about Pawcode's Pet Quick Response Tag, please visit for information.

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