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Patti McKelvey Named McMillin Realty's Top Producer for 2012

Patti McKelvey has been named McMillin Realty's top producing agent for 2012, marking the 25th consecutive year she has earned the distinction. Mrs. McKelvey was also named the number one sales and listing agent for 2012.

Patti McKelvey has been named McMillin Realty's top producing agent for 2012, marking the 25th consecutive year she has earned the distinction. In addition, Mrs. McKelvey was also named the number one sales agent and the number one listing agent for McMillin Realty in 2012. Continuing on an immensely successful 2012, Mrs. McKelvey sees even greater things in the real estate market for 2013. With her tremendous work ethic and dedication to her clients, she looks to achieve yet another incredible year in a remarkable real estate career.

Mrs. McKelvey is well known for her sterling track record at McMillin, which she attributes primarily to one thing: Consistency. "I have stayed consistent in all facets of my career," said Mrs. McKelvey, "I have always been with McMillin Realty in the same spot. My passion, dedication, and commitment to my clients and my craft have remained the same from day one, starting with the time I arrive at work and not leaving until I finish everything I need to do that day." Another area of consistency is her love of satisfying clients and helping to better their lives. "I truly enjoy interacting with my clients on a personal level," continued Mrs. McKelvey, "I am here to help them beyond a real estate transaction. Anything they need, I am here for them. I honestly learn more from my clients and benefit from my relationships with them more than people know. They continually teach me lessons about life, and I find great pleasure in working and interacting with them."

Even though Mrs. McKelvey receives the awards, she is not shy about recognizing her team as the oil in the machine. "I love our team, they are a shining example of little details compounding into something extraordinary," she gushed, "They have a tenacious work ethic, able to multitask while keeping the needle of the compass moving forward. Their consistent and thorough follow up keeps us running smoothly and allows us to adhere to the timelines we set."

Turning to the future, Mrs. McKelvey sees 2013 lining up to be even better than 2012. "The market has already shown signs of improvement. With a decline in inventory from October to December, prices have gone up," stated Mrs. McKelvey, "As a result, traditional sales have come back due to the rise of home values. People who were in a holding pattern are now starting to act." Citing similar statistics and figures from 2007, Mrs. McKelvey forecasts an increase in the number of homes sold due to rising prices for 2013. "Right now, there is a great window of opportunity to purchase a home. Interest rates remain at all time lows, and home prices are still low." Based on the finish to 2012 and the fast start to 2013, Mrs. McKelvey could be in line for another career year high.

In keeping with the steadfast principles of McMillin Realty, Mrs. McKelvey has also dedicated her passions to philanthropy. She is actively involved in several non-profit organizations around San Diego, and was pivotal to finding a South County location for a new hospice home, donating her time and expertise in real estate to the cause. Mrs. McKelvey and her team also put on a fundraiser for a fellow real estate agent who was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's Disease, and raised over $20,000 to help pay for the treatment.

"I would like to personally congratulate Patti McKelvey on another outstanding year," stated Isabel Hall, Vice President of McMillin Realty, "She is the consummate professional and an inspiration for everyone here at McMillin. Her unending love and passion for real estate, her clients, and our team shines through on a daily basis. On behalf of McMillin Realty, I would like to thank Patti McKelvey for her years of service and congratulate her on accomplishing another banner year. We look forward to working with her in 2013."

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